To Make ye york Ginger Bread



To Make ye york Ginger Bread




A recipe for gingerbread using claret wine, ginger, cinnamon, mace, cloves, Jamaica pepper (allspice), sanders (sandalwood), and bread crumbs.


To Make ye york Ginger Bread
[inserted left margin: 302] Take 5 pintes of claret wine [B]ut it in to an Earthen pot I meane an yron Pot. put to it 4 pou[inserted above: nd] of [sd] suger set it on ye fire till it Boyle up yn scim it cleane, Take a dosen of white bread Grated & dried in ye oven after beaten & searced in a [R]aire 2 ounces of Sinemon half an [strikeout: ounce] pound of Ginger, of Mase & Cloves half an ounce of Each. Jemacah peper tow[two] ounces. Sanders[sandalwood] 3 ounces, beat all these & Searce ym Severely, take half [on] ye Sanders & mix with a litele wine & half of ye bread & half of all ye Spices and mix with ye bread [So] put ym in in to ye pot with your hand ceepeing it continuly stiring when it is very still take it of ye fire set it on no more but cepe it stiring Put in more bread till it be as stiff
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as [Paist] for Moleding yn taist it & what seasen ing it wants add to it Molde it up with senem[inserted above:on] & Ginger & [print] it it will be beter if it be a mounth olde be fore it be Eaten, let it ly prity dry be [text crossed out] cause it is apt to run to water, you may Make part of it with-- almonds take a Pound Blanched a pound beat en [inserted above: of] Loafe Suger with a litele Sack and a bout ye Same Quantaty of this paist ading a litele spices to Molde it upp - - -


Caylor, Karmen
Grimm, Stephanie
Le, Vincent


Elizabeth Fairfax cookbook, Collection #C0202, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.


George Mason University Libraries


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