To Make French Breade



To Make French Breade


en 1694/1795


A recipe for a french bread, using flour, milk, butter, salt, yeast, and vinegar, baked in loafs.


To Make French Breade

[on left margin: 20] Take half a peck of flower, season it with salt & [text loss] a qrt [quart] of milch a litele butter, warm it & put in youre meale, being made like a py [pie] & put in 2 eg[text loss] half a spoune full of vineiere, mingle a litele [little] your flowre [flour] with it, [inserted above:'& a [int] of yeast], and let it stand before yr[your] fire to rise, yn [then] put in ye rest of youre meal, & melted butter, for you were not to use half of it at he first, mixe & make it in to a light paiste and let it stand by ye fire an houre [hour], to rise yn [then] make it up in to lofes [loaves] and bake it - -


en Cheston, Jarissa
en Oberle, George
Le, Vincent


Elizabeth Fairfax cookbook, Collection #C0202, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.


George Mason University Libraries


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