To Make A Raire Great Cake



To Make A Raire Great Cake




A recipe for making a great cake


[inserted left margin: 2] Take a peck of fine floure, and one ounce of Large Mace. half an ounce of Nutmegs. as much Sinemond— which must be finely [ivreed] 2 pound of buter [10] eges put [text loss]ut 4 of ye [the] whites some thing a bove a Pint of ale yest. beat youre Eges well then [h]reane ym [them] & the yest and a little warm water in to your floore then stir them well to gether, yn [and] put your Buter [Colde] in litele lumps, your water you knead with all must be scolding hot, when it is kneaded Lay your paste to Rise in a warm cloth a qr/ of an houre, yn[and] [10] spounde of ye best Corons very dry rubed, [throw] ron as much Suger as you think ye [the] washing has taken of of ye [the]— swetones. bake your pa[s]t in to litele lu[inserted above: m]ps -- then lay a laire of ym & a lare of Corons till thay be all put to gether. but have a care your breake not ye [the] Corons you must take out a [bece] of ye [the] paist after it be risen be fore [text loss]

[inserted left margin: fo 2] Corons be put in to Cover ye Top & botom Role [inserted right margin: fo] it prity thin top and bothom and wet it with Rose water Close ye [the] sides where it Joynes prick ye [the] Top an Sides with a long small pin when it is redy for ye [the] oven Cutt it a bout an inch depe in ye Midele of ye [the] Sides i[f] youre Cake be a hole beck of Meale it must stand 2 houres in you [inserted above: [illegible]] oven which must be as hot as for manche[t]


Ochsner, Elizabeth
Landry, Elena
Le, Vincent


Elizabeth Fairfax cookbook, Collection #C0202, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.


George Mason University Libraries


Public domain. There are no known restrictions.



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