Lemon Pickle



Lemon Pickle


[text loss] 2 Lemons grate a little of the outside [text loss] off [illegible] them pretty deep but do not seperate [text loss] take half a pd of Salt and rub them with it [text loss] cover them with the remainder turn them [text loss] [Day] in the pickle for two or three Days take [text loss] quarts of Vinigar a quarter of an ounce of mace [text loss]lf an ounce of pepper half an Handfull of [text loss] [illegible]ish scraped six Cloves of Garlic [&] half [text loss]uarter of a pint of mustard seed bruised six [text loss] of Red pepper half an oz of Ginger Sliced [text loss]in take the Lemons and give them a gentle [text loss] [illegible]and ur them again into the Vinegar [text loss]tir it up every Day for some time keep it in a [text loss] Jarr with the Lemons in it it will keep for years


Caylor, Karmen
Le, Vincent


Elizabeth Fairfax cookbook, Collection #C0202, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.


George Mason University Libraries


Public domain. There are no known restrictions.

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