My Cousen [Shirards] Resept For A Dropsy



My Cousen [Shirards] Resept For A Dropsy


My Cousen [S]hirards Resept For A Dropsy

Take of Brooklime water Gresses Nettles
Elder Bark Scurvey Grass Red [Dock] Roots Ground
[juey] [Tem]itory of Each of These one handfull
Dwarf Elder Roots & Green Broom of [text loss]
of these 2 handfuls of Annisseds one ounc[e]
beat ym & Cut ye other hearbs & put [text loss]
Thease in to a Thin Bagg yn put it i[n to]
4 Galons of Midleing [inserted above: ale] when it is fit to [text loss]
let it stand 4 or 5 days & yn Drink half a
pinte of these at a time ye first in a
Morning & ye last at Night

This take till you are well & at ye [text loss]
of ye Leafe Renew ye takeing of this [text loss]
a gaine & add to youre Bagg Juniper [text loss]
& Red Gallingale roots & Gention Roots of [text loss]
of these 3 ounces


Ochsner, Elizabeth
Le, Vincent


Elizabeth Fairfax cookbook, Collection #C0202, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.


George Mason University Libraries


Public domain. There are no known restrictions.

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