Feavors, to asuage & to Cool the Spirits or blood



Feavors, to asuage & to Cool the Spirits or blood


Feavors, to asswage & to Cool ye Spirits & blood

Desolve Niter in good Strong wine and Smell to it
or poure it upon the fripan heated & take in the fume
at the Nose. Rx of the distiled watter of wild popy mix
it with Rose watter an[d]: a few Cloves
Give Nitter & dia[fe]ordius to asswage and Condence the
Spirits Use the horstooth Ring and a Garland of
periwinkle, If the fevour ly much in the head
Lay garlick to the Soles of the Feet or Mustard [struck: or]
& Vin[a]ger, -- In purpill Feavours give Couchineil
in any Cordiall watter or wine [.]30 or 40 granes to
a Man 6 or 7 gr to a Child of 3 years old [10] to one of
6 years old give it 2 or 3 times keeping the party
warm and it will send out the diseas in [illegible] --


Ochsner, Elizabeth
Le, Vincent

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