Eyes to restore Sight, An drink, and Wash



Eyes to restore Sight, An drink, and Wash


Eyes to restore sight, A[struck: n]drink, and wash

Rx Red sage Red Fennill Vervin Eybright Lovage
Sax a frage, dill penyroyall [T]ormentill Rue Cin[q]ue
-- Foil folowers Elder flowers Ground Ivy Celandine Red --
= Nettle Betony Lusimackium or lose strife hearts =
= Tongue Melipodes 50 or 100 Cinamon [illegible] i and of each
of the hearts an handfull bruse all these in a morter
then put upon them a bottle of White Wine let them
infuse 24 howers, then Strain them out, drink hereof
near haffe a pint morning and Evening. you may
put a quart more of white wine with a little white
Rose watter [u]pon the druges let it stand on 48 howrs
to infuse and then distill and wash with the watter
this cured one that had been blind 3 years by Washing
with this watter you may ad Gormen[f]ell Routs


Ochsner, Elizabeth
Le, Vincent

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