To preserve the Face from pittying



To preserve the Face from pittying


To preserve the Face from pittying you are to know that when teh pose are ripe rifen the first and best thing is to Clip the blisters or to [illegible] ice them with a needle; for the accid humor in the blisters or pustills is that wch causes the sear[illegible] then after that is let out take 6 pennyworth of sper [illegible] mise it wit oyle of almonds and a very little bit of bees wax if you cant git this oyle vfe hogs greas make it upon the fine to an ointment when the pose are full rupe & that you have let them out as before anoynt the Face with this 3 or 4 times a day and night.


Abu-Bader, Nagham
Le, Vincent

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