M[illegible] Madeira



M[illegible] Madeira


Moo[n] Madeira

To 14 Gallons of water add 42 lb brown sugar boil it 20 minutes when mostly cold put 8 lb A Malaga Raisins finished yr chojid- when quite cold add 2 Gallons of very strong Ale, when it is fit for Junning, let it stand three days stirring it every day then put it into the from with a pint of brandy one lb of brown sugar 1/4 lb of sugar candy & 1/4 lb ising lops- if a large quantity it shud stand a year in the lasth, but that must difer from the cellar


Cheston, Jarissa
Le, Vincent


Elizabeth Fairfax cookbook, Collection #C0202, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.


George Mason University Libraries


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