To Make My Lady Nevells Snaile Watter



To Make My Lady Nevells Snaile Watter


en 1694/1795


To Make My Lady Nev[i]lls Snaile Watter [illegible] a deck of garden snails wash them in a berule of Beare & put ym in a Bras pan let ym over a fire stir them as long as thay make any noise, then take them oute & with a knife & corse Cloth pick ym & wipe a way all ye Grene froth Bruise ym in a Morter shels & all, Take also a quart of Earth worms [illegible] & scowr ym with salt wash them then beat ym to peces in a frone Morter Make your Pot very Clean you mean to let youre lim beck on Take 2 grene handfuls of Angelicoe & 2 of salendine Lay ym in ye Botom of youre pot, & on ym your snails & worms with [2 illegible words] & gows Dung of Each 2 handfuls then put in a quart of Rose Mary floures, of lgery mony [illegible] wort, Blood wort Roots of ye Barck of Barbeny wode forell Beteny of all these 2 handfuls, of Rue half a handfull- of fengreek & Turmerick one ounce, of fateren Dry, & poudered as much as ye weight of [illegible] yn poure in 3 gallons of strong alc yn Cover your pot & let it stand at least a night close stoped in ye place you are to make ye fire, in ye Morning [illegible] you make youre fire put 2 ounces of Cloves beaten to pouder hearts horn 6 ounces dont [illegible] it after you have put in ye hearts horn feasrin fall to ye botom, Then let on youre lim beck [illegible] it Down prity small yn mise it all to gether it must be taken fas[illegible]ing. & fast 2 hours after it you may take as much at 4 in ye after Noon Children may have it [illegible] in [illegible] or allow white wine 3 spoune fuls is enough for man or woman taken 3 days to gether will kill quermes- Jaundice [2 illegible words] in ye stomach or liver it is good a gains ye plogue Consumtive people may take 2 spounefuls fasting for a mounth together


Abu-Bader, Nagham
Le, Vincent


Elizabeth Fairfax cookbook, Collection #C0202, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.


George Mason University Libraries


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