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Note from the Chair of Virginia's Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Council to Virginia State Senator Emilie F. Miller thanking her for supporting the ERA.

Speech by Virginia State Senator Emilie Miller supporting the withdrawl of state funding to VMI if it remained all-male. The court case regarding women's admission to the all-male VMI went to the US Supreme Court, which declared that excluding women…

United States Senator, Margaret Chase Smith of Maine shaking hands with an unidentified man. Smith was the first woman to be elected to both houses of Congress. Smith also ran for president in 1964.

Retired U.S. Representative Shirley Chisholm seated, speaking to a group of people at George Mason University. Chisholm was the first Black woman elected to Congress in 1968, and she ran for President in 1972.

Retired U.S. Representative Shirley Chisholm speaking at a podium at George Mason University for Black History Month.

Portrait of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg was the second woman to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court and is well known as a feminist icon for her advocacy for women's rights.

Artist's book consisting of printed letterpress from lino blocks, photopolymer plates, wood type and rubber stamping on Magnani Velata Avorio paper, hand bound and housed in box with pencils.

"The leaflet reviews the case for woman suffrage by federal amendment as opposed to state-by-state enactment of woman suffrage legislation. It summarizes some of the obstacles posed by a state-by-state campaign...Finally, the leaflet focuses on the…

Four images from Women vote!: fifteen New York State suffragists : in celebration of the 2017 centennial of women's right to vote in New York State.
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