December 2, 1945

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Dec. 2, 1945

Dear Mother and Dad,

                It was good to talk to you yesterday. However, I’m afraid I didn’t have much news to tell you. Once one gets settled, life in the Army goes on in a steady and regular pace with little deviation.

                I was surprised to learn that Chanukah comes so early this year. It usually falls during Christmas week, doesn’t it?

                I am at the USO now, having just come from the movies. Saw Alice Faye in “Fallen Angel.” In the past few days I have also seen “What Next, Corporal Hargrove” and “Too Young to Know,” – both excellent comedies.

                I understand the discharge score is now 50 points or 3 ½ years of service. I figure I will be in about 4 more months yet. However, they could possibly speed things up, but

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I’m not counting on it.

                It is certainly a terrible thing about Mildred Altschul. The certainty of something like like [sic] is so horrible. Man has a long way to go in medicine.  Has she ever been told the truth about the supposed operation?

                I wasn’t too surprised to hear about Elizabeth and Sam, Jr.

                The Navy has taken over the town tonight. Everything is jammed.

                Glad to hear I made some buys in Italy. It was a wonderful experience. I’m glad I had it now.

                Not much else to write about. Love to both of you.


                   Jerome, Jr.

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