February 27, 1945

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Somewhere in Italy

Feb. 27, 1945

Dear Mother, Dad, and Grandpa,

               I haven’t written as much as I would have like to have in the past week, but I hope to “get in the groove” again, so to speak, starting with this letter.

               I have been receiving all your letters, magazines, and other 1st class mail in a remarkably short space of time. Yesterday, Mother, I received your letter of the 18th. 8 days, I think, is wonderful! Dad, the gloves and cap came last week, and I was certainly glad to get them. Yesterday a bunch of “Times,” “U.S. News,” and “Lifes” came. It was swell to get them.

               No, I hardly think I will ever be close to Fred Reiter or Stanley Donenfeld.

               I can’t tell you where I am or what we are doing even though the papers

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Feb. 27, 1945

and magazines are able to, and you have probably been reading about it.

               Had a Valentine from Harry and Leonora and a note from Lois which was very cute.

               Also rec’d Aunt Fannie’s letter of the 10th. I wrote her last week. I always enjoy writing to her and hearing from her.

               I am sending you a copy of “Stars and Stripes” which I know you will enjoy reading.

               Our food has been wonderful here. Our breakfasts, especially, are much better than they were in the States – fried or scrambled eggs, oatmeal, bread, butter and jelly, bacon, coffee, and sometimes fruit juice is the usual menu.

               However, food is always welcome, so send some delicacies any time you care to.

               We received our PX rations yesterday. Supposed to get them twice a month, but got them only once this month.

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Feb. 27, 1945

Included in the rations were the following for every man. 1 can of peanuts, 4 candy bars, 1 box of fig newtons, other candies and cookies, pretzels, 4 bottles of beer. Toilet articles we get free any time we need them. We also got 2 cigars, but not having a passion for beer and cigars, I traded them for the other things.

               The days are getting warmer, but the nights are still cold. Just think, spring is almost here.

               Those snapshots are excellent, I think. I’m glad you sent them.

               Some of the boys found some German propaganda leaflets, but and you should see them. They try to start trouble between us and Russia, etc.

               Well, I must close now. Write everything. Love to all of you.


                                                                       Jerome, Jr.

P.S.  Don’t forget to send some food.

Front of Envelope

Back of Envelope

Letters from soldiers overseas had to be read and censored by an officer before they were mailed home. On this envelope you can see the stamp and signature verifying that it has been censored.

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