Dreaming Out Loud: African American Novelists at Work



Dreaming Out Loud: African American Novelists at Work

This edition

"Dreaming Out Loud: African American Novelists at Work." Ed. Horace A. Porter. Iowa City: U of Iowa P, 2015. xxvi+250 pp.

Table of contents

● Horace A. Porter / Preface
● Horace A. Porter / Acknowledgements
● Horace A. Porter / Introduction

Part One / On Becoming African American Novelists
● James Baldwin / Why I Stopped Hating Shakespeare
● Arna Bontemps / Introduction to “Black Thunder”
● Langston Hughes / From “The Big Sea”
● Richard Wright / From “Black Boy”
● James Baldwin / From “The Devil Finds Work”
● Chester Himes / From “The Quality of Hurt”
● Ishmael Reed / Boxing on Paper: Thirty-Seven Years Later
● James Alan McPherson / On Becoming an American Writer
● Terry McMillan / Introduction to “Breaking Ice”
● John Edgar Wideman / From “Brothers and Keepers”

Part Two / On Aesthetics, Craft, and Publication
● W.E.B. Du Bois / Criteria of Negro Art
● Langston Hughes / The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain
● Gayl Jones / About My Work
● James Weldon Johnson / Negro Authors and White Publishers
● Zora Neale Hurston / What White Publishers Won't Print
● John Edgar Wideman / Preface to Breaking Ice
● Martha Southgate / Writers Like Me
● Charles Johnson / The Writer's Notebook: A Note on Working Methods
● Walter Mosley / For Authors, Fragile Ideas Need Loving Every Day

Part Three / On Writing Major Novels
● Richard Wright / From How 'Bigger' Was Born
● Ralph Ellison / From Introduction to the Thirtieth Anniversary Edition of Invisible Man
● Margaret Walker / From How I Wrote Jubilee
● Ernest J. Gaines / Miss Jane and I
● Alice Walker / Writing The Color Purple
● Ernest J. Gaines / Writing A Lesson Before Dying
● Toni Morrison / Nobel Lecture (December 7, 1993)

● List of Contributors’ Novels and Short Stories
● Notes
● Sources and Permissions
● Index

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