SOS—Calling All Black People: A Black Arts Movement Reader



SOS—Calling All Black People: A Black Arts Movement Reader

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"SOS—Calling All Black People: A Black Arts Movement Reader" . Ed. John H. Bracey, Jr., Sonia Sanchez, and James Smethurst. Amherst: U of Massachusetts P, 2014. xx+666 pp.

Table of contents

Editors' Introduction – Amiri Baraka / The Black Arts Movement.
*Section I: Theory / Criticism:* A. B. Spellman / Introduction to Theory/Criticism – Askia M. Touré / Poetry and Black Liberation: Freedom's Furious Passions (Reminiscence). *Part 1. Politics and Culture:* Harold Cruse / The Harlem Black Arts Theater—New Dialogue with the Lost Black Generation – Caroly Gerald / Symposium: The Measure and the Meaning of Sixties – Ron (Maulana) Karenga / Black Cultural Nationalism – Larry Neal / The Black Arts Movement – Dudley Randall / Broadside Press: A Personal Chronicle – Ed Spriggs / On the Boycott – James T. Stewart / The Development of the Black Revolutionary Artist – Barbara Ann Teer / Needed: A New Image – Rolland Snellings (Askia Touré) / Keep on Pushin': Rhythm & Blues as a Weapon. *Part 2: Gender:* Toni Cade (Bambara) / Preface to "The Black Woman" – Alice Childress, Paule Marshall, and Sarah E. Wright / The Negro Woman in American Literature – John Oliver Killens / Lorraine Hansberry: On Time! – Abbey Lincoln / Who Will Revere the Black Woman? – Louise Moore / Black Men vs. Black Women – Evelyn Rodgers / New Fashions for Afro-American Women – Sonia Sanchez / Queens of the Universe. *Part 3: Aesthetics/Poetics:* LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) / The Changing Same (R&B and New Black Music) – James Baldwin / If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is? – L. Eldridge Cleaver / As Crinkly as Yours – Sarah Webster Fabio / Tripping with Black Writing – Hoyt W. Fuller / Towards a Black Aesthetic – Addison Gayle, Jr. / Cultural Strangulation: Black Literature and the White Aesthetic – Stephen E. Henderson / The Question of Form and Judgement in Contemporary Black American Poetry: 1962-1977 – David Llorens / What Good Is the Word without the Wisdom? or "English Ain't Relevant" – Max Roach / excerpts from "Black World" interview – Caroly M. Rodgers / Black Poetry—Where It's At.
*Section II: Statements of Purpose: Groups and Journals:* Introduction to the Documents – The Asian-African Conference, Final Comminique: Cultural Cooperation – Black Panther Party, Platform and Program – "Black World", Editor's Notes – SUDAN, the History of SUDAN (in Texas?) – The Institute of the Black World, Statement of Purpose and Program – Liberation Committee for Africa, Statement of Aims and What Africa Means to Americans – "NKOMBO", Food for Thought – Elijah Muhammad, "What Do the Muslims Want?" – Organization of Afro-American Unity, Statement of Basic Aims and Objectives: Culture – OBAC [Organization of Black American Culture], Statement of Purpose – "Rhythm", Statement of Purpose – "Soulbook", To the Peoples of Afroamerica, Africa, and to all the Peoples of the World – Southern Black Cultural Alliance, By-Laws – Third World Press, A Statement of Purpose – Max Stanford (Muhammad Ahmad), Towards a Revolutionary Action Movement Manifesto – "Umbra", Foreword to Issue 1.1 – Larry Neal [Atlanta C.A.P. Creativity Workshop], Resolutions.
*Section III: Poetry:* Sonia Sanchez / The Poetry of BAM [Black Arts Movement]: Meditation, Critique, Praise – Haki Madhubuti / Storm Coming: Memoir and History (Reminiscence). *Part 1: Consciousness:* Jewel C. Latimore (Johari Amini) / Upon Being Black One Friday Night in July – Dr. Margaret Burroughs / What Shall We Tell My Children Who Are Black – LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) / Black People! – Gwendolyn Brooks / The Life of Lincoln West – Mari Evans / Black jam for dr. negro – Joe Goncalves / Sister Brother – Bobb Hamilton / A Father Tells His Son About the Statue of Liberty – Calvin C. Hernton / Jitterbugging in the Streets – Gil Scott-Heron / The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Abiodun Oyewole and Umar bin Hassan with Kim Green / Niggers R Scared of Revolution – Don L. Lee (Haki Madhubuti) / But He Was Cool – Gaston Neal / Personal Jihad – Eugene Redmond / Barbequed Cong: Or We Laid My Lai Low – Carolyn Rodgers / how i got ovah – Sonia Sanchez / summary – A. B Spellman / tomorrow the heroes – Edward S. Spriggs / "Black Power!" – Lorenzo Thomas / Twelve Gates – Rolland Snellings (Askia Touré) / Cry Freedom. *Part 2: Malcolm:* Ossie Davis / Eulogy for Malcolm X – LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) / A Poem For Black Hearts – Gwendolyn Brooks / Malcolm X – Etheridge Knight / Portrait of Malcolm X – Marvin E. Jackmon (Marvin X) / That Old Time Religion – Larry Neal / Malcolm X—An Autobiography – Sonia Sanchez / Malcolm – Quincy Troupe / For Malcolm Who Walks in the Eyes of Our Children – Margaret Walker / For Malcolm X – Jay Wright / A Plea for the Politic Man. *Part 3: Coltrane and Jazz:* Jayne Cortez / How Long Has This Trane Been Gone – Ebon Dooley / Legacy: In Memory of 'Trane – Sarah Webster Fabio / Tribute to Duke – David Henderson / Elvin Jones Gretsch Freak – Don L. Lee (Haki Madhubuti) / Don't Cry, Scream – Amus Mor / The Coming of John – Larry Neal / Don't Say Goodbye to the Pork-Pie Hat – Sterling Plumpp / Conversions – Yusuf Rahman / Transcendental Blues – Carolyn Rodgers / Written for Love of an Ascension-Coltrane – Sonia Sanchez / a/coltrane/poem – Sonia Sanchez / on seeing pharaoh sanders blowing – A. B. Spellman / Did John's Music Kill Him?. *Part 4: Africa:* Jayne Cortez / African Night Suite – Margaret Danner / The Painted Lady – Nikki Giovanni / Africa I; Africa II – Ted Joans / LUMUMBA LIVES   LUMUMBA LIVES!! – Keorapetse Kgositsile / My Name Is Afrika – Dudley Randall / Ancestors – Ishmael Reed / I am a Cowboy in the Boat of Ra – Rolland Snellings (Askia Touré) / Earth. *Part 5: Women:* Jewel C. Latimore (Johari Amini) / For Gwendolyn Brooks—A Whole & Beautiful Spirit – Mari Evans / I Am a Black Woman – Nikki Giovanni / Woman Poem – Gloria Larry House / Woman – June Jordan / If you saw a Negro lady – Audre Lorde / Naturally – K. Curtis Lyle / Cadence – Don L. Lee (Haki Madhubuti) / blackwoman – Carolyn Rodgers / The Last M.F. – Sonia Sanchez / woman. *Part 6: Heritage:* Sam Cornish / Promenade – Jayne Cortez / Lynch Fragment – Victor Hernandez Cruz / Urban Dream – Tom Dent / Return to English Turn – Everett Hoagland / The Music – Etheridge Knight / The Idea of Ancestry – Dudley Randall / Ballad of Birmingham – Eugene Redmond / Rivers of Bones and Flesh and Blood – Ahmos Zu-Bolton / Sunset Beach/L.A. *Part 7: Songs:* James Brown / Say It Loud—I'm Black and I'm Proud – Oscar Brown, Jr. / Afro Blue – Marvin Gaye / What's Goin' On – Curtis Mayfield / Keep on Pushin' – Weldon J. Irvine Jr. / To Be Young, Gifted, and Black – Norman Whitefield and Barrett Strong / War.
*Section IV: Drama:* Val Ward and Francis Ward / The Kuumba Theatre: A Radical Idea Comes to Life (Reminiscence) – Asiah Rahman / Living in the Black Arts Movement (Reminiscence) – LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) / A Black Mass – Ed Bullins / Clara's Ole Man – Ben Caldwell / Prayer Meeting Or, The First Militant Preacher – Alice Chidress / Wine in the Wilderness – Carol Freeman / The Suicide – Marvin E. Jackmon (Marvin X) / Flowers for the Trashman – Ronald Milner / The Monster – Sonia Sanchez / The Bronx Is Next.
*Section V: Fiction/Narrative:* Eleanor W. Traylor / Black Arts Fiction: An Introduction – Toni Cade Bambara / The Organizer's Wife – Henry Dumas / Harlem – C. H. Fuller Jr. / A Love Song for Seven Little Boys Called; Sam – Sam Greenlee / Sonny's Seasons – Paule Marshall / Reena – Louise Meriwether / A Happening in Barbados – Toni Morrison / excerpt from "The Bluest Eye" – Ishmael Reed / Cab Calloway Stands In for the Moon – Jean Wheeler Smith / Frankie Mae – John A. Williams / The King Alfred Plan.
*Afterwords:* James G. Spady / The Hip Hop Vision: Password: Nation Conscious Rap – John H. Bracey Jr. / Coming from a Black Thing: Remembering the Black Arts Movement – Audre Lorde / Learning from the 60s – Selected Bibliography.

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