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Home Girls Make Some Noise: Hip-Hop Feminism Anthology

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"Home Girls Make Some Noise: Hip-Hop Feminism Anthology" . Ed. Gwendolyn D. Pough, Mark Anthony Neal, and Joan Morgan. Mira Loma, CA: Parker, 2007. ix+495 pp.

Table of contents

Foreword, Mark Anthony Neal -- An Introduction of Sorts for Hip-Hop Feminism, Gwendolyn D. Pough -- Section One B-Girls, Femcees, Graf Girls and Lady Deejays: Women Artists in Hip Hop, Rachel Raimist -- Proven Presence: The Emergence of a Feminist Politics in Cuban Hip-Hop, Sujatha Fernandes -- Sista' Outsider: Queer Women of Color and Hip Hop, Eric Darnell Pritchard & Maria L. Bibbs -- With Style and Grace, John Rodriguez -- This DJ, Shaden Tavakoli -- Beyond Every Ceiling Is the Sky, Darlene Anita Scott -- Less Hustle, More Flow: The Role of Women in Hip-Hop Culture, Beatrice Koehler-Derrick -- B-Girl Blues, Darrell Gane-McCalla -- Hip-Hop Moms, Darrell Gane-McCalla -- Lyrical Self-Defense and the Reluctant Female Rapper, Aya de Leon -- It's On the Women: An Interview with Toni Blackman, Elaine Richardson -- Not the Average Girl from the Videos: B-Girls Defining Their Space in Hip-Hop Culture, Alesha Dominck Washington -- Listen, Maya Freelon -- Spit Lyric, Maya Freelon -- Feminist and Material Concerns: Lil' Kim, Destiny's Child, and Questions of Consciousness, Heather Duerre Humann -- I once dreamt of being an emcee, Veronica Bohanan -- Section Two Representin' (for) the Ladies: Issues of Gender and Representation in Hip-Hop Culture, Elaine Richardson -- How To NOT Be 21st Century Venus Hottentots, Fatimah N. Muhammad -- They're Not Talking About Me, Eisa Nefertari Ulen -- "I used to be scared of the dick": Queer women of color and hip-hop masculinity, Andreana Clay, Ph.D. -- ThugNiggaIntellectual, Ayanah Moor -- Whose Pussy Is This? Chyann L. Oliver -- Tip Drills, Strip Clubs, and Representation in the Media: Cultural Reflections and Criticisms from the POV of an African American Female Southern Hip-Hop Scholar, Joycelyn A. Wilson -- If Women Ran Hip Hop, Aya de Leon -- Lil' Kim, Hip-Hop Womanhood, and the Naked Truuf, Elaine Richardson -- Angry Woman, Elan Ferguson -- Expecting the Unexpected, Elan -- We had to redefine 'it' for ourselves, Veronica Bohanan -- Re: Definitions: The name and game of hip-hop feminism, Michael Jeffries -- Grown Girls, Tracey Rose -- Performing Venus, From Hottentot to Video Vixen: The Historical Legacy of Black Female Body Commodification, Kaila Adia Story -- For sepia "colored girls" who have considered self/when hip-hop is enuf, Chyann L. Oliver -- Poem for Taja, Shaden Tavakoli -- Loving Hip-Hop When It Denies Your Humanity: Feminist Struggles and The Source, Shawan M. Worsley -- Section Three That's My Word!: Cultural Critiques of Gender, Sexuality, and Patriarchy in Hip-Hop Culture, Aisha Durham -- Using [Living Hip-Hop] Feminism: Redefining an Answer (to) Rap, Aisha Durham -- Static II, Maya Freelon -- Love and Other Casualties of War, Darlene Anita Scott -- The Count Down, Queen Sheba -- Excavating the Love Below: The State as Patron of the Baby Mama -- Mama and Other Ghetto Hustles, Brittney Cooper -- More than Baby Mamas: Black Mothers and Hip-Hop Feminism -- Can A Good Mother Love Hip-Hop? Confessions of a CrazySexyCool Baby Mama, Tia Smith Cooper -- Ho is Short for Honey, Tina Fakrid-Deen -- Switch, Tara Betts -- The Highest Bidder, Levita D. Mondie-Sapp -- Hip-Hop Feminism at the Political Crossroads: Organizing for Reproductive Justice and Beyond, Kimala Price -- Easy Way Out, Maya Freelon -- Peripheral Vision, Jasmine Hillyer -- SISTERFIRE, Favianna Rodriquez -- Hip-Hop and This One-Woman Show, Stephanie L. Batiste -- Church Burden, Elan -- HIP-HOP HAIKU. Jocelyn James -- Untitled #1,456, Legacy Eyes-of-the-Moon Russell -- Hip-Hop Ventriloquism: From Sexism to Corporate Control, Aya de Leion -- What is Black Culture, Culture Black?: Rebel, Chyann Oliver -- INDESTRUCTIBLE, Favianna Rodriguez -- Gettin' Busy, Goin' Global: A Hip-Hop Feminist Experiences Ghana, Makiba J. Foster -- Can You See Me Now? Am I Clear to You?: A Womanist Manifesto (Redux), Askhar -- Letters to Hip-Hop, Jade Foster -- Afterword, Joan Morgan -- Contributors.

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