Making Callaloo: 25 Years of Black Literature, 1976-2000



Making Callaloo: 25 Years of Black Literature, 1976-2000

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"Making Callaloo: 25 Years of Black Literature, 1976-2000" . Ed. Charles H. Rowell. New York: St. Martin's, 2002. xxx+433 pp.

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Almanzar, Jose Alcantara:; "My singular Irene" --; Butler, Octavia E.:; "Evening and the morning and the night" --; Conde, Maryse:; "Breadnut and breadfruit" --; Danticat, Edwidge: from The; Journals of water days 1986 --; Delany, Samuel R.: from; Shoat rumblin --; Ellison, Ralph:; "Cadillac flambe" --; Everett, Percival:; "Meiosis" --; Forrest, Leon:; "Sugar Groove" --; Glave, Thomas:; "Whose song" --; Harris, Wilson: from; Jonestown --; Johnson, Charles: from; Rutherford's travels --; Jones, Gayl: from The; Machete woman --; Kenan, Randall:; "Now why come that is" --; Lee, Helen Elaine:; "Silences" --; Mackey, Nathaniel:; "Atet A.D." --; McCluskey, John, Jr.: from The; River people --; McMillan, Terry:; "Ma'Dear" --; Phillios, Caryl: from; Cambridge --; Wideman, John Edhar:; "Ascent by balloon from the yard of walnut street jail" --; Ai:; "Blue suede shoes" --; Alexander, Elizabeth:; "Venus Hottentot" --; Barrax, Gerald:; "Audience of one" and; "All my live ones" --; Berrouet-Oriol, Robert:; "Dissidence, I" --; Brathwaite, Edward Kamau: from; "Clips" --; Cassells, Cyrus:; "Sally Hemings to Thomas Jefferson" --; Clifton, Lucille:; "Times" and; "Lazarus" --; Derricotte, Toi:; "Promise" and; "Holy Cross Hospital" --; Dixon, Melvin:; "Heartbeats" and; "Climbing Montmartre" --; Dove, Rita:; "Straw hat," "Motherhood," "Headdress," and; "Heroes" --; Edwards, Brent Hayes:; "Middle ear recitation" --; Ellis, Thomas Sayers:; "Fatal April" and; "Kiss in the dark" --; Etienne, Phebus:; "Ride to the wedding" --; Hamer, Forrest:; "Goldsboro narratives" --; Harper, Michael S.:; "Modulations on a theme for Josephus Long" --; Harris, Claire:; "Mysteries" and; "Framed" --; Hayes, Terrance:; "Touch" --; Jackson, Angela:; "Love of travellers" --; Jackson, Major L.:; "Some kind of crazy" --; Komunyakaa, Yusef:; "Venus's-flytraps," "Red pagoda," "Birds on a powerline," and; "Slam, dunk, and hook" --; Lorde, Audre:; "Fishing the white water" and; "Jessehelms" --; Major, Clarence:; "Difficulty with perspective" and; "Unwanted memory" --; Mitchell, Karen:; "Country after country" and; "Forgiveness" --; Morejon, Nancy:; "Richard bought his flute" --; Moss, Thylias:; "One for all newborns" and; "Holding" --; Mullen, Harryette:; "Fable" and; "Unspoken" --; Osbey, Brenda Marie:; "Setting loose the icons" --; Pereira, Edimilson de Almeida:; "Calunga lungara" --; Phillips Carl:; "Moving target" and; "Clearing" --; Roberson, Ed:; "Elegy for a white cock" --; Roy, Lucinda H.:; "Book review" --; Sanchez, Sonia:; "Poem for my father" and; "Sequences" --; Strange, Sharan:; "Childhood" and; "Offering" --; Trethewey, Natasha:; "Letter home" and; "Vignette" --; Walker, Alice:; "On stripping bark from myself" --; Welburn, Ron:; "Yellow wolf spirit" --; Wright, Jay:; "Naming the Asturian bird" and; "Economy of power" --; Young, Kevin:; "Escape artist" and; "Cassius Clay by Basquiat."

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