Reflections: An Anthology of African-American Philosophy



Reflections: An Anthology of African-American Philosophy

This edition

"Reflections: An Anthology of African-American Philosophy" . Ed. James Montmarquet and William H. Hardy. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2000.

Table of contents

● Preface
● Introduction

Part I: Foundations
Race and Racism
● W.E.B. Du Bois / From “The Souls of Black Folk”
● Molefi K. Asante / Racism, Consciousness, and Afrocentricity
● Kwame Anthony Appiah / Racisms
● J.L.A Garcia: The Heart of Racism
Contemporary Issue: Views on “Mixed Race”
● Naomi Zack / Mixed Black and White Race and Public Policy
● Lewis R. Gordon / Race, Biraciality, and Mixed Race—In Theory

Part II: Moral and Political Philosophy
Nationalism, Separatism, and Assimilation
● Martin R. Delaney / The Condition, Elevation, Emigration, and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States
● Frederick Douglass / The Future of the Negro
● Frederick Douglass / The Future of the Colored Race
● Frederick Douglass / The Nation’s Problem
● Frederick Douglass / On Colonization
● Marcus Garvey / From “Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey”
● Maulana Karenga / The Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles): Their Meaning and Message
● Molefi K. Asante / The Afrocentric Idea in Education
● Cornel West / The Four Traditions of Response
Contemporary Issue: “Ebonics”
● Geneva Smitherman / Black English/Ebonics: What It Be Like?
● Milton Baxter / Educating Teachers about Educating the Oppressed

Feminism, Womanism, and Gender Relations
● Sojourner Truth / A’n’t I a Woman?
● Patricia Hill Collins / The Social Construction of Black Feminist Thought
● bell hooks / Reflections on Race and Sex
● Angela P. Harris / Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory
● Charles W. Mills / Do Black Men Have a Moral Duty to Marry Black Women?
Contemporary Issue: Women’s Rights and Black Nationalism
● E. Frances White / Africa on My Mind: Gender, Counterdiscourse, and African American Nationalism
● Amiri Baraka / Black Woman

Violence, Liberation, and Social Justice
● Martin Luther King, Jr. / Letter from Birmingham Jail
● Malcolm X / Message to the Grass Roots
● Howard McGary / Psychological Violence, Physical Violence, and Racial Oppression
● Laurence M. Thomas / Group Autonomy and Narrative Identity
Contemporary Issue: Affirmative Action
● Bernard Boxill / Affirmative Action
● Shelby Steele / Affirmative Action

Ethics and Value Theory
● Alain Locke / Values and Imperatives
● Michele M. Moody-Adams / Race, Class, and the Social Construction of Self-Respect
● Laurence M. Thomas / Friendship
● Nasri Abdel-Aziz and Laurence M. Thomas / “A Note on Friendship and Diversity”
● Cornel West / Nihilism in Black America
● Katie G. Cannon / Unctuousness as Virtue: According to the Life of Zora Neale Hurston
Contemporary Issue: A Classic Question of Values, Rights, and Education
● Booker T. Washington / Atlanta Exposition Address
● W.E.B. Du Bois / The Talented Tenth

Part III: Philosophy and Related Disciplines
Philosophy and Legal Theory
● Patricia J. Williams / Alchemical Notes: Reconstructing Ideals from Deconstructed Rights
Regina Austin / Sapphire Bound!
● Derrick Bell: Racial Realism—After We’re Gone: Prudent Speculations on America in a Post-Racial Epoch
● John Arthur / Critical Race Theory: A Critique
Contemporary Issue: Racist Hate Speech
● Charles Lawrence and Gerald Gunther / Prohibiting Racist Speech: A Debate

● James Baldwin / Everybody’s Protest Novel
● Larry Neal / The Black Arts Movement
● Angela Y. Davis / Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”: Music and Social Consciousness
● Ralph Ellison / Blues People
Contemporary Issue: Rap Music
● Crispin Sartwell / Rap Music and the Uses of Stereotype
● Kimberle Crenshaw / Beyond Racism and Misogyny: Black Feminism and 2 Live Crew

Philosophy and Theology
● David Walker / David Walker’s Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World, and Very Expressly, to Those of the United States
● James H. Cone / God and Black Theology
● Victor Anderson / Ontological Blackness in Theology
● Anthony Pinn / Alternative Perspectives and Critiques
Contemporary Issue: Womanist Theology and the Traditional Black Church
● Cheryl J. Saunders / Christian Ethics and Theology in Womanist Perspective
● Delores Williams / Womanist Reflections on “the Black Church,” the African-American Denominational Churches and the Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church

● Suggestions for Further Reading

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