Crossing the Color Line: Readings in Black and White



Crossing the Color Line: Readings in Black and White

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"Crossing the Color Line: Readings in Black and White." Ed. Suzanne Whitmore Jones. Columbia: U of South Carolina P, 2000. xv+290 pp.

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Table of contents

● Acknowledgements
● Suzanne W. Jones / Introduction

● Alice Adams / Verlie I Say Unto You
● John A. Williams / Son in the Afternoon
● Ellen Douglas / I Just Love Carrie Lee
● Toni Cade Bambara / The Hammer Man
● Ekwueme Michael Thelwell / Community of Victims
● Reynolds Price / The Fare to the Moon

● James Alan McPherson / A Loaf of Bread
● Joan Williams / Spring Is Now
● Frances Sherwood / History
● Alice Walker / Advancing Luna—and Ida B. Wells
● Anthony Grooms / Food That Pleases, Food to Take Home
● Randall Kenan / The Foundations of the Earth
● Toni Morrison / Recitatif

New Readings
● Alyce Miller / Off-Season Travel
● David Means / McGregor’s Day On
● Elizabeth Spencer / The Business Venture
● Reginald McKnight / Quitting Smoking
● Alyce Miller / A Cold Winter Night
● Clifford Thompson / Judgment

● Biographical Notes on Authors

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