African American Literary Theory: A Reader



African American Literary Theory: A Reader

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"African American Literary Theory: A Reader" . Ed. Winston Napier. New York: New York UP, 2000. xiv+730 pp.

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Criteria of Negro art / W.E.B. DuBois -- The Negro-art Hokum / G.S. Schuyler -- The Negro artist and the racial mountain / L. Hughes -- Characteristics of Negro expression / Z.N. Hurston -- Blueprint for Negro writing / R. Wright -- What White publishers won't print / Z.N. Hurston -- Self-criticism / A. Locke -- Expressive language / LeRoi Jones -- Brave words for a startling occasion / R. Ellison -- And Shine swam on / L. Neal -- The Black writer and his role / C.F. Gerald -- Some reflections on the Black aesthetic / L. Neal -- Cultural strangulation / A. Gayle, Jr. -- Inside the funk shop / S.E. Henderson -- Saturation: progress report on a theory of Black poetry / S.E. Henderson -- On the criticism of Black American literature / H.A. Baker, Jr. -- Toward a Black feminist criticism / B. Smith -- Preface to blackness / H.L. Gates, Jr. -- New directions for black feminist criticism / D.E. McDowell -- Generational shifts and the recent criticism of Afro-American literature / H.A. Baker, Jr. -- Some implications of womanist theory / S.A. Williams -- Belief, theory and Blues / H.A. Baker, Jr. -- Woman's era: rethinking Black feminist theory / H.V. Carby -- Mama's baby, papa's maybe / H.J. Spillers -- The race for theory / B. Christian -- The Black canon / J.A. Joyce -- "What's love got to do with it?": critical theory, integrity and the Black idiom / H.L. Gates, Jr. -- In dubious battle / H.A. Baker, Jr. -- "Who the cap fit": unconsciousness and unconscionableness in the criticism of Houston A. Baker, Jr., and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. / J.A. Joyce -- Appropriative gesture: theory and Afro-American literary criticism / Michael Awkward -- Introduction to The signifying monkey / H.L. Gates, Jr. -- Speaking in tongues / M.G. Henderson -- Black feminist theory and the representation of the "other" / V. Smith -- Revision and (re)membrance: a theory of literary structures in literature by African-American women writers / K.F.C. Holloway -- Toward a Black gay aesthetic / C.I. Nero -- Theoretical returns / H.A. Baker, Jr. -- Phallus(ies) of interpretation / A. duCille -- Nationalism and Social Division in Black Arts Poetry of the 1960s / P.B. Harper -- The problems with silence and exclusiveness in the African American literary community / J.A. Joyce -- Black (w)holes and the geometry of Black female sexuality / E. Hammonds -- Some glances at the Black fag / M.B. Ross -- The crisis in Black American literary criticism and the postmodern cures of Houston A. Baker, Jr. and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. / S. Adell -- A Black man's place in Black feminist criticism / M. Awkward -- Black feminist thinking / D.E. McDowell -- "All the things you could be by now, if sigmund freud's wife was your mother": psychoanalysis and race / H.J. Spillers -- Tearing the goat's flesh: homosexuality, abjection and the production of a late twentieth-century Black masculinity / R.F. Reid-Pharr -- African signs and spirit writing / H. Mullen -- Mapping the interstices between Afro-American cultural discourse and cultural studies / W. Lubiano -- Cultural narratives passed on: African American mourning stories / K.F.C. Holloway -- Introduction to Race men: the W.E.B. DuBois lectures / H.V. Carby -- Malcolm's conk and Danto's colors; or, four logical petitions concerning race, beauty and aesthetics / P.C. Taylor.

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