Heritage: African American Readings for Writing



Heritage: African American Readings for Writing

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"Heritage: African American Readings for Writing" . Ed. Joyce M. Jarrett, Doreatha D. Mbalia, and Margaret Giles Lee. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1997. xx+476 pp.

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2nd ed. 2002. xxi+506 pp.

Table of contents

Contents (1997 ed.): Planning writing -- Writing the first draft -- Revising and editing -- Slavery -- African American women -- African American men -- Childhood, adolescence, growing up -- Family -- Male-female relationships -- Civil rights -- Freedom, equality, unity, protest -- Arts, science, media -- Religion, church -- Heritage, identity -- Reading, writing, education -- Political philosophies -- Black dialect, language -- Folklore -- Racism, discrimination -- Interracial relationships -- Intraracial prejudice -- Supplemental readings -- Literary and writing terms.

Contents (2002 ed.): [detailed contents available in WorldCat]

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