These "Colored" United States: African American Essays from the 1920s



These "Colored" United States: African American Essays from the 1920s

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"These 'Colored' United States: African American Essays from the 1920s" . Ed. Tom Lutz and Susanna Ashton. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 1996. 301 pp.

Table of contents

● Acknowledgments
● Tom Lutz / Introduction: Diversity, Locality, and Ideology in “These ‘Colored’ United States”

● Nathan B. Young / Alabama—Like Miriam
● Anita Scott Coleman / Arizona and New Mexico—the Land of Esperanza
● William Pickens / Arkansas—a Study in Suppression
● Noah D. Thompson / California: The Horn of Plenty
● William H. Ferris, A.M. / Connecticut: The Nutmeg State
● Alice Dunbar-Nelson / Delaware: A Jewel of Inconsistencies
● Neval H. Thomas / The District of Columbia—a Paradise of Paradoxes
● Nathan B. Young / Florida: Our Contiguous Foreign State
● E. Franklin Frazier / Georgia, or The Struggle against Impudent Inferiority
● Charles S. Johnson / Illinois: Mecca of the Migrant Mob
● Lionel F. Artis / The Negro in Indiana, or The Struggle against Dixie Come North
● J. Everrett Harris / Kentucky: (Janus Bifrons)
● Theophilus Lewis / Maryland: The Seventh Heaven of Rotarians
● Eugene F. Gordon / Massachusetts: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave Colored Man
● Robert W. Bangall / Michigan—the Land of Many Waters
● Roy Wilkins / Minnesota: Seat of Satisfaction
● J. Egert Allen / Mississippi—Home of “Sun-Kissed” Folks
● Robert P. Watts / Missouri: A Literal Paradox
● Mamie Elaine Francis / New Jersey; Those Inimitable Individualists
● George S. Schuyler / New York: Utopia Deferred
● James E. Shepard / North Carolina—Its Educational Progress
● Wendell P. Dabney / Ohio—Past and Present
● W.H. Twine / Oklahoma—the Land of the Fair God
● Ernest Rice McKinney / Pennsylvania: A Tale of Two Cities
● Kelly Miller / South Carolina
● George W. Lee / Tennessee—the Last Stand of Justice in the Solid South
● Clifton F. Richardson / Texas—the Lone Star State
● Wallace Thurman / Quoth Brihjam Young:—This Is the Place
● J. Milton Sampson / Virginia
● Ashley L. Totten / The Truth Neglected in the Virgin Islands
● T. Gillis Nutter / West Virginia

● Subject Index

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