Ebony Angels: A Collection of African-American Poetry and Prose



Ebony Angels: A Collection of African-American Poetry and Prose

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"Ebony Angels: A Collection of African-American Poetry and Prose" . Ed. Faith Jaycox. New York: Crown, 1996. 96 pp.

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Maya Angelou -- James Weldon Johnson -- Ann Plato -- Sterling Brown -- Paul Laurence Dunbar -- Mary Weston Fordham -- George Moses Horton -- James Madison Bell -- Gerald Barrax -- Lucille Clifton -- Countee Cullen -- W.E.B. Du Bois -- Henry Highland Garnet -- Elymas Payson Rogers -- Frederick Douglass -- Harriet Jacobs -- Frances E.W. Harper -- Clara Ann Thompson -- Alfred Gibbs Campbell -- Jupiter Hammon -- Phillis Wheatley -- Countee Cullen -- Julia Foote -- Jarena Lee -- Lucille Clifton -- Rita Dove -- John Jea -- Fenton Johnson -- Josephine D. Heard -- Charlotte L. Forten Grimke -- Jonathan Henderson Brooks -- Robert Hayden -- Zora Neale Hurston -- Langston Hughes -- Bessie Smith -- James Monroe Whitfield -- Josephine D. Heard -- Daniel A. Payne -- Amiri Baraka -- Joseph Cephas Holly -- James Madison Bell -- Margaret T. Burroughs -- Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Ann Plato -- Jonathan Henderson Brooks -- Noah Calwell Cannon -- James Edwin Campbell -- Maria Stewart -- Mtozake Shange -- E.C.L. Adams -- Toni Morrison -- Sterling Brown -- Fenton Johnson -- May Miller -- Jarena Lee -- Fenton Johnson -- James Mackay.

Publisher's description

"Although belief in divine messengers and guardians is certainly not limited to people of European heritage, angel books thus far have worn distinctly Euro-American faces. To help correct this imbalance, Ebony Angels presents prose excerpts and poetry from such prominent African-American figures as Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Jr., W.E.B. DuBois, Langston Hughes, Bessie Smith, and others" (publisher's description; WorldCat).

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