I Hear a Symphony: African Americans Celebrate Love



I Hear a Symphony: African Americans Celebrate Love

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"I Hear a Symphony: African Americans Celebrate Love" . Ed. Paula L. Woods and Felix H. Liddell. New York: Anchor Books, 1994. xiii+334 pp.

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Black must be beautiful again. Black must be beautiful again / Bebe Moore Campbell -- Negritude / James A. Emanuel -- from Dreaming ourselves dark and deep : black beauty / bell hooks -- from Mysticism and the experience of love / Howard Thurman -- Who and whose you are : an interview with Brenda Tapia / Felix H. Liddell and Paula L. Woods -- Speak the truth to the people / Mari Evans -- First man / Naomi Long Madgett -- Question : What is the greatest challenge you face as a black man? / Haki R. Madhubuti -- from The damnation of women / W.E.B. DuBois -- Up sister / Ruth Forman -- Quilting on the rebound / Terry McMillan -- I thought it was Tangiers I wanted / Langston Hughes -- Why do we live? / Charles W. Chesnutt.Families of the heart. from Behind the scenes / Elizabeth Keckley -- Hands : for Mother's Day / Nikki Giovanni -- from All stories are true / John Edgar Wideman -- Pathway : from son to father / Lenard D. Moore -- Letter--James S. Watson to James L. Watson -- Letter--James L. Watson to James S. Watson -- from Our children are not things / Howard Thurman -- Image of myself 3 / Ira B. Jones -- Now that I am forever with child / Audre Lorde -- Of the passing of the first-born / W.E.B. DuBois -- I will not let them take you / Opal Palmer Adisa -- from Miss Emily's grandson won't hush his mouth / Essex Hemphill -- Letter--Claude A. and Etta M. Barnett to Maria Barnett Tinnin.
A jewel for a friend. Pages for a friend / Ntozake Shange -- Letter--Mrs. Sue Bailey Thurman to Meta W. Fuller -- A jewel for a friend / J. California Cooper -- The drugstore / Toi Derricotte -- For a friend who considers suicide / Gloria Wade-Gayles -- War stories / Saundra Murray Nettles -- The letter / Wendell Hooper -- Ain't too proud to beg / Peter J. Harris -- A poem of friendship / Nikki Giovanni.
For better, for worse. Invitation to love / Paul Laurence Dunbar -- Letter--Loney Butler to Sophronia Collins -- Letter--Sophronia Collins to Loney Butler -- Valentines / Henry Dumas -- My first kiss / Dexter Rivens -- Lyric : I am looking at music / Pinkie Gordon Lane -- Water of your bath / Ahmasi -- from And do remember me / Marita Golden -- Be somebody fragrant / Peter J. Harris -- Letters--Aaron Douglas to Alta Sawyer -- from The autobiography of Malcolm X / Malcolm X, with the assistance of Alex Haley -- A black wedding song / Gwendolyn Brooks -- The day Kenny did it / Saundra Sharp -- Showers and crepe paper / devorah major -- Epithalamium and shivaree / Marilyn Waniek -- Letters--Charles R. Drew, M.D., to Lenore Robbins Drew -- For better, for worse / Aurelia and John Hope Franklin.
See the heart. See the heart / Jean Toomer -- The chitlin circuit : on black community / bell hooks -- Affirmative action blues / Elizabeth Alexander -- Fighting my homophobia / Gloria Wade-Gayles -- Moving toward the light : recovery in our communities / Cecil Williams -- All about my job / Alice Childress -- Miss Jones / Wanda Coleman -- Miz culchure lady / Nayo Barbara Malcolm Watkins -- Listen children / Lucille Clifton.
A home in that rock. My blackness is the beauty of this land / Lance Jeffers -- from Mississippi solo / Eddy L. Harris -- The tree of love / Linda Goss -- At home on an island / Jill Nelson -- My city / James Weldon Johnson -- We, too, sing "America" / Duke Ellington -- Letter--"George" to his sister -- from What to the slaves is the fourth of July? / Frederick Douglass -- Kids and the pledge : not a truth but a goal / Frank Harris III -- My dungeon shook / James Baldwin -- America / Claude McKay.
I leave you love. Dearly beloved / Saundra Sharp -- Crumbs through the forest : a south-central fairy tale / Paula L. Woods -- Making a scene / Nikky Finney -- Letter--Joseph Beam to his mother and father -- In memoriam : for James Baldwin (1924-1987) / Quincy Troupe -- Ailey, Baldwin, Floyd, Killens, and Mayfield / Maya Angelou -- Nobel laureate speech / Toni Morrison -- My last will and testament / Mary McLeod Bethune.

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