In the Tradition: An Anthology of Young Black Writers



In the Tradition: An Anthology of Young Black Writers

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"In the Tradition: An Anthology of Young Black Writers" . Ed. Kevin Powell and Ras Baraka. New York: Harlem River, 1992. 398 pp.

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Viki Akiwumi -- Elizabeth Alexander -- Sibby Anderson-Thompkins -- Martha Anthony -- Sabah As-Sabah -- Jabari Asim -- Askhari -- Asha Bandele -- Ras Baraka -- Paul Beatty -- Leticia R. Benson -- Charlie R. Braxton -- Nicole Breedlove -- Sonya Brooks -- Gordon Chambers -- Tracy Clarke -- Michelle T. Clinton -- Kimberly Ann Collins -- Lorena M. Craighead -- William T. Crawley III -- Malkia Amala Cyril -- Thomas Sayers Ellis -- Joette Harland-Watts (Kupenda Auset) -- Darryl Holmes -- Esther Iverem -- Trasi Johnson -- Ira B. Jones -- Kim C. Lee -- Janice Lowe -- Rodney M. McNeil -- Tony Medina -- David S. Mills -- Gavin Moses -- Willie Perdomo -- Kevin Powell -- Linwood M. Ross -- Marlon D. Satchell -- Sharon Strange -- Patrick Sylvan -- Andrea M. Wren -- Jabari Asim -- Valerie Boyd -- Bridgett M. Davis -- Trey Ellis -- Tamara Jeffries -- Yolanda Joe -- John R. Keene Jr. -- Mark Mills -- Jess Mowry -- Lisa Teasley -- Artress Bethany White.

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Commentary on anthology

• Ward, Jerry W. "Poetry." "Washington Post" 1 Aug. 1999.
"American poetry is alive, well and stunningly democratic. Yes, poetry is free now from being the intellectual "property" of the schools and the presumptive "overseers" of culture. It has visibility. We heard the irony- tinged voices heralding this change in the landmark anthology In the Tradition (1992), edited by Kevin Powell and Ras Baraka."

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