Short Fiction by Black Women, 1900-1920



Short Fiction by Black Women, 1900-1920

This edition

"Short Fiction by Black Women, 1900-1920." Ed. Elizabeth Ammons. New York: Oxford UP, 1991. xxxiv+608 pp. (Schomburg Library of Nineteenth-Century Black Women Writers.)

Table of contents

● Elizabeth Ammons / Introduction

● Pauline E. Hopkins / The Mystery Within Us
● Angelina W. Grimke / Black Is, As Black Does (A Dream)
● Anne Bethel Scales / Beth’s Triumph (A Two-Part Story)
● Pauline E. Hopkins / Talma Gordon
● Pauline E. Hopkins / General Washington, A Christmas Story
● Georgia F. Stewart / Aunt ‘Ria’s Ten Dollars
● Pauline E. Hopkins / A Dash for Liberty
● Georgia F. Stewart / The Wooing of Pastor Cummings
● Pauline E. Hopkins / Bro’r Abr’m Jimson’s Wedding, A Christmas Story
● Gertrude Mossell / Mizeriah Johnson: Her Arisings and Shinings
● Ruth D. Todd / The Octoroon’s Revenge
● Gertrude H. Dorsey [Browne] / An Equation
● Ruth D. Todd / Florence Grey, A Three-Part Story
● Sarah A. Allen [Pauline E. Hopkins] / The Test of Manhood, A Christmas Story
● Fannie Barrier Williams / After Many Days, A Christmas Story
● Ruth D Todd / The Folly of Mildred, A Race Story with a Moral
● Mrs. M.[arie] Louise Burgess-Ware / Bernice, The Octoroon
● Pauline E. Hopkins / As the Lord Lives, He Is One of Our Mother’s Children
● Kate D. Sweetser / Marjorie’s Scheme
● Ruth D. Todd / The Taming of a Modern Shrew
● Lelia Plummer / The Autobiography of a Dollar Bill
● Edith Estelle Bulkley / The Balance of Power
● Gertrude Dorsey Brown[e] / Scrambled Eggs
● Gertrude Dorsey Brown[e] / The Better Looking
● Frances Nordstrom / The Gift of the Storm
● Gertrude Hayes [Dorsey] Brown[e] / Blood Moneys of La Petei’
● Gertrude Dorsey Brown[e] / A Case of Measure for Measure
● Grace Ellsworth Tompkins / The Luck of Lazarus
● Gertrude D.[orsey] Browne / The Voice of the Rich Pudding
● Miss Maude K. Griffin / Guests Unexpected, A Thanksgiving Story
● Jessie Fauset / Emmy
● Jessie Fauset / My House and a Glimpse of My Life Therein
● Lottie Burrell Dixon / His Motto
● Mrs. Paul Laurence Dunbar [Alice Dunbar-Nelson] / Hope Deferred
● Minnibelle Jones / The Fairy Goodwilla
● Annie McCary / Breaking the Color-Line
● Mrs. Emma E. Butler / Polly’s Hack Ride
● Helen G. Ricks / ‘Bits’, A Christmas Story
● Adeline F. Ries / Mammy, A Story
● Jessie Fauset / ‘There Was One Time!’ A Story of Spring
● Leila Amos Pendleton / Aunt Calline’s Sheaves
● Edna May Harrold / Lenora’s Conversation
● Helen G. Ricks / At the Turn of the Road, A Story
● Jessie Fauset / Mary Elizabeth, A Story
● Anita Scott Coleman / El Tisico
● Jessie Fauset / The Sleeper Wakes, A Novelist in Three Instalments

Reviews and notices of anthology

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Commentary on anthology

• Reprints 46 stories from Colored American Magazine and from The Crisis (Kinnamon 1997: 473).

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Kinnamon 1997: 473]

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