Six Women's Slave Narratives



Six Women's Slave Narratives

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"Six Women's Slave Narratives" . Ed. William L. Andrews. New York: Oxford UP, 1988. xliv+328 pp. (Schomburg Library of Nineteenth-Century Black Women Writers.)

Table of contents

● William L. Andrews / Introduction
● Thomas Pringle / The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave (1831) (include The Narrative of Asa-Asa, a Captured African)
● Anon. / Memoir of Old Elizabeth, a Coloured Woman (1863)
● Dr. L. S. Thompson / The Story of Mattie J. Jackson
● Anon. / From the Darkness Cometh the Light or Struggles for Freedom (c. 1891)
● Kate Drumgoold / A Slaves Girl’s Story (1898)
● Annie L. Burton / Memories of Childhood’s Slavery Days (1909)

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