Philosophy Born of Struggle: Anthology of Afro-American Philosophy from 1917



Philosophy Born of Struggle: Anthology of Afro-American Philosophy from 1917

This edition

"Philosophy Born of Struggle: Anthology of Afro-American Philosophy from 1917." Ed. Leonard Harris. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt, 1983. xxi+316 pp.; repr. 2000.

Table of contents

● Leonard Harris / Introduction

I / Philosophy Experienced
● Broadus N. Butler / Frederick Douglass: The Black Philosopher in the United States: A Commentary
● Robert C. Williams / W.E.B. DuBois: Afro-American Philosopher of Social Reality
● Alain L. Locke / Values and Imperatives
● John H. McClendon / Eugene C. Holmes: A Commentary on a Black Marxist Philosopher
● Cornel West / Philosophy, Politics, and Power: An Afro-American Perspective
● Lucius T. Outlaw / Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Social-Political Theory: Critical Thought in the Interest of African-Americans

II / Experience Explained
A. Explanatory Theory
● William T. Fontaine / ‘Social Determination’ in the Writings of Negro Scholars (Commentary by E. Franklin Frazier)
● Bernard R. Boxill / The Race-Class Questions
● Lucius T. Outlaw / Race and Class in the Theory and Practice of Emancipatory Social Transformation
● Angela Y. Davis / Unfinished Lecture on Liberation—II

B. Ideal Theory
● Cornelius L. Golightly / Ethics and Moral Activism
● Johnny Washington / Alain L. Locke’s ‘Values and Imperatives’: An Interpretation
● Berkley B. Eddins and Essie A. Eddins / Liberalism and Liberation
● Laurence Thomas / Self-Respect: Theory and Practice
● Bernard R. Boxill / Self-Respect and Protest
● Howard McGary Jr. / Racial Integration and Racial Separatism: Conceptual Clarifications
● Maulana Karenga / Society, Culture, and the Problem of Self-Consciousness: A Kawaida Analysis
● William R. Jones / Liberation Strategies in Black Theology: Mao, Martin, or Malcolm?

III / Experience Interpreted
● Alain L. Locke / The New Negro
● Houston A. Baker Jr. / On the Criticism of Black American Literature: One View of the Black Aesthetic
● Albert G. Mosley / Negritude, Magic, and the Arts: A Pragmatic Perspective
● Thomas F. Slaughter Jr. / Epidermalizing the World: A Basic Mode of Being Black
● Leonard Harris / Select Bibliography of Afro-American Works in Philosophy

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