Disinherited: Plays



Disinherited: Plays

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"The Disinherited: Plays" . Ed. Abe C. Ravitz. Encino, CA: Dickenson, 1974. x+273 pp.

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Brown, William Wells. The escape.--Miller, J. The Danites of the Sierras.--The school act.--The double Dutch act.--The double Wop act.--The straight and the Jew.--Green, P. and Green, E. Fixin's.--Rice, E. The adding machine.--Van Itallie, J.C. Motel.--Anderson, M. Winterset.--From The tales of Hoffman. Moore, Elvie A. Angela is happening.--O'Neill, E. All God's chillun got wings.--Hughes, Langston. Soul gone home.--Caldwell, Ben. The king of soul.--Jones, LeRoi (Amiri Baraka). Great goodness of life (a Coon show).--Figueroa, J. Everybody's a Jew.--Terkel, L. Monologues from Division Street.--Lamb, M. Scyklon Z.--Williams, T. Hello from Bertha.--Williams, T. Talk to me like the rain and let me listen.--Bibliography (p. [269]-273).

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• Ravitz, Abe C., ed. "The American Disinherited: A Profile in Fiction". Belmont, CA: Dickenson, 1970. xiii+238 pp.
Contents: 'Sieur George / George Washington Cable -- The return of a private / Hamlin Garland -- An unfinished story / O. Henry -- The duchess on the Bowery / Edward Waterman Townsend -- An experiment in misery / Stephen Crane -- The breaker boy / Clarence Darrow -- The end of the task / Bruno Lessing -- The man who lost his head / Chester Bailey Fernald -- Afternoon in the jungle / Albert Maltz -- The sybarite / Ben Hecht -- The benefits of American life / James T. Farrell -- Prelude / Albert Halper -- Two morning monologues / Saul Bellow -- The man who was almost a man / Richard Wright -- The odyssey of a wop / John Fante -- The quiet chimneys / William Eastlake -- The mourners / Bernard Malamud -- Pop goes the alley cat / Wallace Stegner -- The day of boomer dukes / Frederik Pohl -- Antonio and the great world / John Figueroa -- The rockpile / James Baldwin -- Life with Red Top / Ronald L. Fair -- The bending of a twig / Alfredo Orero y Herrera -- The death of Horatio Alger / LeRoi Jones.

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Hatch 1991: 191; only lists plays by African American contributors: i.e. LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka), William Wells Brown, Ben Caldwell, Langston Hughes, and Elvie A. Moore] [not in Kinnamon 1997]

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