Who Took the Weight? Black Voices from Norfolk Prison



Who Took the Weight? Black Voices from Norfolk Prison

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"Who Took the Weight? Black Voices from Norfolk Prison" . Ed. James A. Lang, for Norfolk Prison Brothers. Foreword Elma Lewis. Drawings Alfred Howell, Jr. Photographs Ted Polumbaum. Boston: Little, 1972. xv+265 pp.

Table of contents

Poetry. Poetry? / Sayif -- Attempt, or, The reason why the revolution is getting off to a bad start ; The only for real people ; White sugar/brown Sugar ; Beware of the flowers of despair ; Self-potrait ; Love poem to all sistas ; The for real sista, or, The hippest method to prevent your man from being involved in the violent phase of the revolution ; We won't go? ; The white thorn in the black flesh of your mind ; Poem to Whitey about my otherness, or, Love affair with my soul ; Discovering myself ; Astral physical secondhand eternity ; Black moans ; Untitled poem #1 ; Blackwoman, have you ever dug? ; Bass setting ; The struggle ; No heritage ; White heat / Juno Bakali Tshombe, Craig Dee Anderson -- This ain't no cop-out ; This is my love ; God! Glad I'm black / Anthony, K. Rahman -- Manchild : prelude to an epitaph ; In Swahili ; My queen ; Black thoughts '71 ; A poem for my brothers ; Caution : explosive ; Come on back / Insan -- Time was spent / James Shields -- Listen to your heartbeat ; For my ex-wife ; A letter for James Andrew Lang, Jr. ; What sort of madness ; The only way we gon' ever get it together / James A. Lang -- To Michael ; Beautiful black child ; Wicked picket ; Lackeys & junkies ; Friday night & Can U dig dat ; "How come niggers don't run?" Goddamn! ; A poem for a sister ; Girl, I think this thing might be's illegitimate ; Sister, I am a revolutionary, dig on me ; Sister doing a Mad i son Ave thang ; From prison with love, black love ; To all my brothers who were twice kidnapped ; Revolution is / Sayif -- Three short observations / Mauti.
Essays. Death comes in white, but the pusher in all colors / Bruce C. Geary (Sayif) -- Psychological warfare at Norfolk Prison Camp ; A black view of white radicals ; Birth of black revolution ; The black woman in the struggle for liberation ; On black manhood ; On black womanhood / Juno Bakali Tshombe/Craig Dee Anderson.
Stories. Fifteenth Street, N.Y.C. / Harry Spikes -- Broad and Market, crossroads of the world / James A. Lang -- OD / Paul William Brown -- Will they hear me when I call? / Insan, Robert S. Preston -- Listless Sam / Harry Spikes -- The (un?)making of a revolutionary / James A. Lang.
Plays. Justice or just us, part 1 / Hugh M. Johnson -- Justice or just us, part 2 / James X. Whitehead -- Cop 'n blow / Mauti -- Cadillac Alley / Bruce C. Geary (Sayif) -- The plague (please don't let the Joneses get you down) / James A. Lang.

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