Afro-American Writing: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry



Afro-American Writing: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry

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Afro-American Writing

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"Afro-American Writing: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry" . Ed. Richard A. Long and Eugenia W. Collier. 2 vols. New York: New York UP, 1972. xlii+794 pp.

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Table of contents

● Foreword
● A Select Chronology of Afro-American Prose and Poetry, 1760-1970
● Introduction

Part I: To the Civil War
● Introduction
● Phillis Wheatley / On Imagination
● Phillis Wheatley / To the University of Cambridge, in New England
● Phillis Wheatley / On Being Brought from Africa to America
● Jupiter Hammon / An Address to Miss Phillis Wheatley
● David Walker / Preamble: From Appeal
● Henry Highland Garnet / An Address to the Slaves of the United States of America
● George Horton / To Eliza
● George Horton / The Art of a Poet
● George Horton / Slavery
● William Wells Brown / Escape of Clotel: From Clotel, or the President’s Daughter
● Frederick Douglass / The Right to Criticize American Institutions
● Frederick Douglass / Excerpt [from “My bondage and My Freedom
● Frederick Douglass / Nemesis
● Frederick Douglass / Woman Suffrage Movement
● Samuel Ward / Excerpt [from Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro
● Frances Harper / The Slave Auction
● Frances Harper / The Slave Mother
● Frances Harper / Bury Me in a Free Land
● Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
● Go Down Moses
● Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho
● Steal Away to Jesus
● Roll, Jordan, Roll
● Crucifixion

PART II: The Civil War to World War I
● Introduction
● Alexander Crummell / The Attitude of the American Mind Toward the Negro Intellect
● T. Thomas Fortune / The Negro and the Nation: From Black and White
● Booker T. Washington / A Slave among Slaves [from “Up from Slavery”]
● Booker T. Washington / Speech at the Atlanta Exposition [from “Up from Slavery”]
● William E.B. Du Bois / The Song of The Smoke
● William E.B. Du Bois / A Litany of Atlanta
● William E.B. Du Bois / Of the Sorrow Songs [from “The Souls of Black Folk”]
● William E.B. Du Bois / Crime and Lynching
● William E.B. Du Bois / The Souls of White Folk [from “Darkwater”]
● William E.B. Du Bois / The Comet [from “Darkwater”]
● William Monroe Trotter / Why Be Silent?
● Charles W. Chesnutt / The Goophered Grapevine
● Paul Laurence Dunbar / An Antebellum Sermon
● Paul Laurence Dunbar / We Wear the Mask
● Paul Laurence Dunbar / The Poet
● Paul Laurence Dunbar / Ere Sleep Comes Down to Soothe the Weary Eyes
● Paul Laurence Dunbar / The Lynching of Jube Benson
● James E. Campbell / De Cunjah Man
● James E. Campbell / Ol’ Doc’ Hyar
● James E. Campbell / ‘Sciplinin’ Sister Brown
● George McClellan / Eternity
● George McClellan / The April of Alabama
● George McClellan / A Decoration Day
● Kelly Miller / An Open Letter to Thomas Dixon, Jr.
● William Pickens / Arkansas Traveler [from “Bursting Bonds”]
● William Stanley Braithwaite / The Watchers
● William Stanley Braithwaite / Rhapsody
● William Stanley Braithwaite / The Negro in American Literature
● Fenton Johnson / The Scarlet Woman
● Fenton Johnson / Aunt Jane Allen
● Fenton Johnson / The Old Repair Man
Folklore: Tale, Song and Sermon
● T’appin
● John Henry
● Bad Man Ballad
● The Remnant: A Sermon
● Backwater Blues
● Index of Authors

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Kinnamon 1997: 464, 465.

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