Modern Black Stories: With Study Aids



Modern Black Stories: With Study Aids

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"Modern Black Stories: With Study Aids" . Ed. Martin Mirer. Woodbury, NY: Barron's Educational Services, 1971. ix+196 pp.

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The bench, by R. Rive.--Bruzz, by S. Thompson.--The convert, by L. Bennett, Jr.--The death of Tommy Grimes, by R.J. Meaddough III.--From Go tell it on the mountain, by J. Baldwin.--The homecoming, by F. Yerby.--From Invisible man, by R. Ellison.--Miss Cynthie, by R. Fisher.--Mista Courifer, by A. Casely-Hayford.--From Native son, by R. Wright.--Professor, by L. Hughes.--Rat Joiner routs the Klan, by T. Poston.--A summer tragedy, by A. Bontemps.--We're the only Colored people here, by G. Brooks.

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• "With its extensive study aids, Mirer's book is designed for high school and community colleges. In addition to eleven short stories (two by African writers), Mirer includes excerpts from "Go Tell It on the Mountain", "Invisible Man", and "Native Son"" (Kinnamon 1997: 473).

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Kinnamon 1997: 472]

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