Early Black American Prose: Selections with Biographical Introductions



Early Black American Prose: Selections with Biographical Introductions

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"Early Black American Prose: Selections with Biographical Introductions" . Comp. William Henry Robinson, Jr. Dubuque, Iowa: W. C. Brown Co., 1971. xxi+274 pp.

Table of contents

"The writers are grouped under the following headings: 1) 'Letters' (Phillis Wheatley, Benjamin Banneker, Lemuel Haynes, Henry McNeal Turner); 2) 'Essays and Addresses' (J. Hammon, Prince Hall, David Walker, Nat Turner, Henry Highland Garnett, and Booker T. Washington); 3) 'Slave Narratives' (Job Ben Solomon, Britton Hammon, Moses Roper, James W. C. Pennington, Josiah Henson, and William and Ellen Craft); 4) 'Short Stories' (Victoria Earle, George M. McClellan, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and J. Mord Allen); 5) 'Novels' (William Wells Brown, Elbert Sutton Griggs and Edward A. Johnson); and 6) 'Dramas' (William Wells Brown, Willian Edgar Easton and Henry Francis Downing)" (Rowell 1972: 45).

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• "This anthology of early black American writers of prose (from Job Ben Solomon and Jupiter Hammon to Edward A. Johnson and Booker T. Washington) does not contain a formal bibliography, but the bio-bibliographical sketches of the writers included in the anthology are very useful" (Rowell 1972: 45).
• This anthology extends to the start of the 20th century and "includes everything but poetry: letters, // essays and addresses, slave narratives, short stories, and excerpts from novels and plays" (Kinnamon 1997: 466-67).

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Kinnamon 1997: 466-67]

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