Black and White: Stories of American Life



Black and White: Stories of American Life

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"Black and White: Stories of American Life" . Ed. Donald B. Gibson and Carol Anselment. New York: Washington Square, 1971. xii+257 pp.

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An Introduction -- The Life of Lincoln West by Gwendolyn Brooks -- The Huge Dull Night Under the Stars by Sheldon Tannenbaum -- Little Dog by Langston Hughes -- Previous Condition by James Baldwin -- Autobiography by John Barth -- O Yes by Tillie Olsen -- The Man Who Saw the Flood by Richard Wright -- The Cost of Living by Bernard Malamud -- Flying Home by Ralph Ellison -- The Life You Save May Be Your Own by Flannery O'Connor -- How John Boscoe Outsung the Devil by Arthur P. Davis -- The Balloon by Donald Barthelme -- Rat Joiner Routs the Klan by Ted Poston -- The Winds of Change by Loyle Hairston -- Love and Death by Joyce Carol Oates -- Junkie-Joe Had Some Money by Ron Milner -- The Death of Tommy Grimes by R.J. Meaddough, III -- The Brooch by William Faulkner -- To Hell with Dying by Alice Walker -- The Boy Who Painted Christ Black by John Henrik Clarke -- A Summer Tragedy by Arna Bontemps -- Red Bonnet by Lindsay Patterson -- Bright an' Mownin' Star by Mike Thelwell -- A Worn Path by Eudora Welty.

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Commentary on anthology

• "This is a book which might especially be valuable for teachers in schools with small minority-student enrollments, for, as the editors assert, 'We want to show that the irony, humor, bitterness, tragedy, and victory or defeat which are the motifs of human existence are paralleled in stories by white and black authors alike'" (James Holden. [Contributor to] "Out-of-Print Books That Should Still Be in Print." "English Journal" 80.8 (Dec. 1991): 88-92, at 91).
• 24 stories, 15 of them by black authors (Kinnamon 1997: 473).

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Kinnamon 1997: 472]

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