We Speak as Liberators: Young Black Poets. An Anthology



We Speak as Liberators: Young Black Poets. An Anthology

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"We Speak as Liberators: Young Black Poets. An Anthology" . Ed. Orde Coombs. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1970. xx+252 pp.

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• "This anthology comprises an assemblage of poems by fifty-seven unpublished, or infrequently published, blacks who came of age, literally and psychologically, during the horrendous American sixties. At its core is the belief that we must listen to these hard, bright, young voices as they take the English language, embellish it, cuff it, and make it their very own. For throughout this sometimes tortured, torturing country there are many young black men and women who have decided that they will fashion a language for themselves, that when they write, they will write for their peers, for the people whose dues have paid their way" (book jacket; Amazon.com)

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Another anthology edited by Orde Coombs.

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Kinnamon 1997: 470, gives subtitle as "New Black Poets"]

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