Night Comes Softly: Anthology of Black Female Voices



Night Comes Softly: Anthology of Black Female Voices

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"Night Comes Softly: Anthology of Black Female Voices" . Ed. Nikki Giovanni. Newark, NJ: Medic, 1970. iii+97 pp.

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Contributors include: Karen Y. Amos, Desiree A. Barnwell, Ellen M. Brown, Diane Bogus, Linda Cousins, Beverly E. Coleman, Emma Reno Conner, Vicky Donaldson, Linda Goss, Naomi Grimes.

Reviews and notices of anthology

• "The Crisis" 80.5 (May 1973): 183.
"'Night Comes Softly' is a veritable symphony . Ms. Giovanni has combined the essence of black womanhood in this volume of poetry . There are the 'voices' of the mother , the daughter , the grandmother , the lover , the friend ..."

Commentary on anthology

• Anthology of black women poets (Kinnamon 1997: 471).
• This was "one of the earliest anthologies of poetry by black women; it includes poems by new and relatively unknown writers as well as poems by such established poets as Margaret Walker and Mari Evans" (Virginia C. Fowler. "A Nikki Giovanni Chronology." "Appalachian Heritage" 40.4 [Fall 2012]).

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Kinnamon 1997: 471]

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