Black Seventies



Black Seventies

This edition

"The Black Seventies.” Ed. Floyd B. Barbour. Boston: P. Sargent, 1970. x+335 pp.

Table of contents

● Floyd B. Barbour / Foreword
● National Committee of Black Churchman, Inc. / Black Declaration of Independence

I / Outward
● Larry Neal / New Space/The Growth of Black Consciousness in the Sixties
● James Boggs / The Revolutionary Struggle for Black Power
● Adelaide Cromwell Hill / Black Education in the Seventies: A Lesson from the Past
● James A. Joseph / Has Black Religion Lost its Soul?
● Eugene Perkins / The Black Arts Movement: Its Challenge and Responsibility
● S.E. Anderson / Revolutionary Black Nationalism and the Pan-African Idea

II / Inward
● Margaret G. Burroughs / To Make a Painter Black
● Dudley Randall / Broadside Press: A Personal Chronicle
● Yvonne Ruelas / Mr. White Liberal
● Henry Martin / Letters from Abroad
● Orde Coombs / On Being West Indian in New York

III / Forward
● Acklyn Lynch & Alma Mathieu Lynch / Images of the 21st century ... Blackness
● James A. Chaffers / Design and Reality in the 70s
● Don L. Lee / Tomorrow is Tomorrow if You Want One
● Lance Jeffers / The Death of the Defensive Posture: Towards Grandeur in Afro-American Letters
● Chester Pierce / Offensive Mechanisms

● Margaret Walker / Religion, Poetry and History: Foundations for a New Educational System
● James Foreman / The Black Manifesto
● E. Mkalimoto / Basic Tenets of Revolutionary Black Nationalism
● H. Rap Brown / A Letter from H. Rap Brown

● About the Editor
● Bibliography
● Index

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