Afro-American Voices, 1770's-1970's



Afro-American Voices, 1770's-1970's

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"Afro-American Voices, 1770's-1970's" . Comp. Ralph Kendricks and Claudette Levitt. New York: Oxford Book Co., 1970. xiv+349 pp.

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The Singing Cloak (A Folk Tale of Togoland) -- The Tortoise and the Elephant (A Folk Tale of the Yoruba) -- The Poor Wife and the Rich Wife (A Folk Tale of the Yoruba) -- The Maiden Who Always Refused (A Folk Tale of the Ewe) -- Twelve Proverbs of the Ewe -- Twelve Proverbs of the Yoruba -- Poetry of the Yoruba: Invocation of the Creator ; The God of War ; Kob Antelope -- Slave of Black Men, Slave of White Men / Gustavus Vassa (Olaudah Equiano) -- On Being Brought from Africa to America / Phillis Wheatley -- His Excellency, General Washington / Phillis Wheatley -- An Address to the Negroes in the State of New York / Jupiter Hammon -- Slavery / "A Free Negro" -- Letter to Thomas Jefferson / Benjamin Banneker -- The Abolition of Slavery / Nathaniel Paul -- Prejudice Against the Colored Man / Theodore S. Wright -- Lecture in England on the Horrors of Slavery / Frederick Douglass -- Address to the Slaves of the United States of America / Henry Highland Garnet -- The Colored People in America / Frances E.W. Harper -- The Slave Auction / Frances E.W. Harper -- Eliza Harris / Frances E.W. Harper -- Advice to the Girls / Frances E.W. Harper -- The Escape; or, A Leap for Freedom / William Wells Brown -- Clotelle / William Wells Brown -- O Black and Unknown Bards / James Weldon Johnson -- Go Down Moses -- Nobody Knows the Troubles I See, Lord! -- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot -- Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel -- Gimme Dat Ol'-Time Religion -- Follow the Drinkin'- Gourd -- John Henry -- The Role of Negro Troops in the Union Victory / George Washington Williams -- Addres to the Paris Antislavery Conference / J. Sella Martin -- Address to the Atlanta Exposition / Booker T. Washington -- The Negro in Political Life / Booker T. Washington -- Moral Values of Hand Work / Booker T. Washington -- Booker T. Washington's Program: A Critique / William E.B. Du Bois -- The Talented Tenth / William E.B. Du Bois -- Niagara's Declaration of Principles / William E.B. Du Bois -- The Sheriff's Children / Charles W. Chestnutt -- The Uncalled / Paul Laurence Dunbar -- Frederick Douglass / Paul Laurence Dunbar -- We Wear the Mask / Paul Laurence Dunbar -- Sympathy / Paul Laurence Dunbar -- De Way T'ings Come / Paul Laurence Dunbar -- Old Jim Crow / Anonymous -- A Prayer of the Race That God Made Black / Lucian B. Watkins -- The Black Man's Soul / James D. Corrothers -- It's Great To Be a Problem / J.D. Work -- Harlem Literati / Langston Hughes -- Blood-Burning Moon / Jean Toomer -- The Meal / Jessie R. Fauset -- Race and Money / James Weldon Johnson -- St. Peter Relates an Incident of the Resurrection Day / James Weldon Johnson -- Fifty Years: 1863-1913 / James Weldon Johnson -- Lift Every Voice and Sing / James Weldon Johnson -- Incident / Countee Cullen -- Yet Do I Marvel / Countee Cullen -- The Negro Speaks of Rivers / Langston Hughes -- I, Too, Sing America / Langston Hughes -- If We Must Die / Claude McKay -- Fire and Cloud / Richard Wright -- Prologue (from Invisible Man) / Ralph Ellison -- He Ain't Nothin' but a Chile / Ann Fairbairn -- Fifth Avenue Uptown: A Letter from Harlem / James Baldwin -- Harry Leland / William Melvin Kelley -- Nightmare / Malcolm X -- Initial Reactions on the Assasination of Malcolm X / Eldridge Cleaver -- A Raisin in the Sun / Lorraine Hansberry -- For My People / Margaret Walker -- Ka 'Ba / LeRoi Jones -- He Said She Said She Said He Said / Jymi Jones.

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