19 Necromancers from Now



19 Necromancers from Now

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"19 Necromancers from Now" . Ed. Ishmael Reed. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1970. 369 pp.

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Black mass from the novel The life and loves of Mr. Jiveass Nigger, by C. Brown.--Chapter 16 from the novel Groove, bang and jive around, by S. Cannon.--Goong hai fot choy from the novel A Chinese lady dies, by F. Chin.--An excerpt from the novel Rhythm section/part one, by V.H. Cruz.--Part one of a two-part prologue from the novel We can't breathe, by R. Fair.--Sly and the family stone, Black music criticism, by D. Henderson.--Excerpt from the novel Scarecrow people, by C. Hernton.--Answers in progress from Tales, by L. Jones.--Jest, like Sam from the novel Dunfords travels everywhere, by W.M. Kelley.--Chapter X from an untitled novel, by P. Lofty.--We is grunts and Gypsy from the novel All-night visitors, by C. Major.--Legacy, a play, by C. Patterson.--The finger meal, a play, by R.J. Pringle.--Hoom, a short story, by N.H. Pritchard.--Excerpt from the novel Tales of poor Ulysses, by L. Raphael.--Cab Calloway stands in for the moon, from the novel Mumbo jumbo, by I. Reed.--Part I, sections 5 and 6, from the novel The man who cried I am, by J.A. Williams.--Chapters 4 and 5 from the novel The wig, by C. Wright.--Excerpt from the novel Snakes, by A. Young.

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• "Looking toward the multiculturalism that was to become more and more prominent in his literary politics, Reed included Frank Chin along with his otherwise black necromancers" (Kinnamon 1997: 466).

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Kinnamon 1997: 466]

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