Black & White in American Culture: An Anthology from The Massachusetts Review



Black & White in American Culture: An Anthology from The Massachusetts Review

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"Black & White in American Culture: An Anthology from The Massachusetts Review" . Ed. Jules Chametzky and Sidney Kaplan. Amherst: U of Massachusetts P, 1969. 478 pp.

Table of contents

A decade of discovery -- Bright an' mownin' star / Mike Thelwell -- Prologue / James O. Long -- Alabama tenants : 1937 / William Corrington -- English comp. / W.W. and Rosellen Brown -- In the inner city / Lucille Clifton -- The South that is man's destiny / Robert Coles -- Fish are jumping an' the cotton is high : notes from the Mississippi Delta / Mike Thelwell -- Four photographs from Mississippi / Bob Fletcher -- "Bye, Lena" / Charlotte Painter -- Changing people : Negro civil rights and the colleges / Howard Zinn -- Corollary to a poem by A.E. Housman -- Civil rights and white intellectuals / G.C. Oden -- Toward black liberation / Stokely Carmichael -- By power possessed : a commentary on Stokely Carmichael's "Toward black liberation" / Milton Mayer -- Beyond civil rights : a reply to the "coalitionists" / Nat Hentoff. -- Henry David Thoreau, aet. 44 / Leonard Baskin -- A legacy of creative protest / The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Thoreau and American nonviolent resistance / William Stuart Nelson -- Thoreau in South Africa : a letter to the editors of The Massachusetts Review / The Reverend Trevor N.W. Bush -- John Brown, Jr. and the Haymarket martyrs / Louis Ruchames, editor -- How it, so help me, was / Joseph Langland -- A Negro student at Harvard at the end of the nineteenth century / W.E.B. Du Bois -- Overcoming the white man's history / Howard N. Meyer -- The Pulitzer Prize treatment of Charles Sumner / Louis Ruchames -- Through the prism of folklore : the black ethos in slavery / Sterling Stuckey -- The duality of bygone jazz / Max Margulis -- Mississippi Ham Rider / Toni Cade -- Written after hearing Ellington in concert, July 1961 / John Mackay -- The blues as a literary theme / Gene Bluestein -- Tell Martha not to moan / S.A. Williams. -- The Negro in the art of Homer and Eakins / Sidney Kaplan -- Black mutiny on the Amistad / Sidney Kaplan -- A history of the Amistad captives / John W. Barber -- A century of Negro portraiture in American literature / Sterling A. Brown -- The problems of the Negro writer / Saunders Redding -- Baldwin's autobiographical essays : the problem of Negro identity / David Levin -- "It'll be me" : the voice of Langston Hughes / Doris E. Abramson -- Mr. William Styron and the Reverend Turner / Mike Thelwell -- Black Orpheus / Jean-Paul Sartre -- Sartre's theory of "antiracist racism" in his study of Negritude / W.A. Jeanpierre -- Africa's Olympiad of the arts : some observations on the Dakar Festival / Thomas Cassirer.

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