Watts Poets: A Book of New Poetry & Essays



Watts Poets: A Book of New Poetry & Essays

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"Watts Poets: A Book of New Poetry & Essays" . Ed. Quincy Troupe. [Los Angeles]: House of Respect, 1968. 90 pp.

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• "In 1966, after a split, a mostly younger, more nationalist, and // more formally adventurous group took over [the Watts Writers Workshop in Los Angeles], changing the worksshop center's name from Frederick Douglass House to the House of Respect. Like the Black House in San Francisco and BARTS [Black Arts Repertory Theatre] in New York, the House of Respect served as school, social center, and performance space; and like these other groups, it would last only briefly, caving in to internal and external pressures. Before its demise, however, the group published another seminal Black Arts work [following on "From the Ashes" (1967)]. "Watts Writers and Poets" ["sic"] (1968), edited by Quincy Troupe, was even more strictly a Black Arts anthology than, say, "From the Ashes" or even "For Malcolm", because it represented only the work of radical black artists" (James Smethurst and Howard Rambsy II. "Reform and Revolution, 1965-1976: The Black Aesthetic at Work." "The Cambridge History of African American Literature". Ed. Maryemma Graham and Jerry W. Ward, Jr. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2011. 443-44).

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