Ten: An Anthology of Detroit Poets



Ten: An Anthology of Detroit Poets

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"Ten: An Anthology of Detroit Poets" . Fort Smith, Arkansas: South & West, 1968. 52 pp.; 2nd ed. 1969.

Table of contents

(1968 ed.): Ethel Gray Seese -- Dudley Randall -- Naomi Long Madgett -- Louis J. Cantoni -- Juliana Geran -- Robert Honigman -- Gloria Davis -- Oliver LaGrone -- Sheila Pritchard -- Joyce Whitsitt.
(1969 ed.): Ethel Gray Seese, Juliana Geren – Oliver LaGrone -- Malaika Aye Wangara (Joyce Whitsitt Lawrence) -- Dudley Randall / "Hymn" "Booker T. and W.E.B." "The Trouble with Intellectuals" "Souvenirs" "The Rite" plus 3 other poems.

About the anthology

• Consists of poems by ten writers, five black (Dudley Randall, Naomi Long Madgett, Malaika Aye Wangara, Oliver LaGrone, . . . ) and five white.

Reviews and notices of anthology

• "Negro Digest" (June 1968): 49. [Google Books]
"'Ten', an anthology containing the works of 10 Detroit-area poets, is being published by South and West, Inc., a non-profit literary association with headquarters in Fort Smith, Ark. The 10 poets are: Joyce Whitsett, Naomi Long Madgett, Sheila Pritchard, Oliver La Grone, Gloria Davis, Dudley Randall, Ethel Gray Seese, Robert Honigman, Julianna Geren and Louis J. Cantoni."

Commentary on anthology

• Writing to Robert Hayden on 29 April 1966 about the 1966 Fisk Writers' Conference, Dudley Randall remarks, "I got some work done at the Writers' Conference. I got promises of poems for the Broadside Series from [Melvin] Tolson, [Robert] Hayden, and [Margaret] Walker. I got the idea for the Malcolm X anthology ["For Malcolm" (1967), see above], and Tolson consented to write an introduction for "Ten: An Anthology of Poetry from Detroit" [sic], a book which some Detroit poets are putting together" (quoted in Melba Joyce Boyd. "Wrestling with the Muse: Dudley Randall and the Broadside Press". New York: Columbia UP, 2003. 130).

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