Beyond the Blues: New Poems by American Negroes



Beyond the Blues: New Poems by American Negroes

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"Beyond the Blues: New Poems by American Negroes" . Ed. Rosey E. Pool. Lympne, Kent: Hand and Flower Press, 1962. 188 pp.

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• Also issued as an audio record: "Beyond the Blues: American Negro Poetry". Ed. Rosey E. Pool. Read by Brock Peters, Gordon Heath, Vinette Carroll, and Cleo Laine. London: Argo, 1963. 1 sound disc (33 1/3 rpm).
Contents (1963 recording):
[side] 1. Collins, Leslie M. Soliloqui.--Danner, Margaret. I'll walk the tight rope.--Veasey, Paul. A moment please.--Cuestas, Katherine. Mea Culpa.--Hayden, Robert. E. Full moon.--Fields, Julia. Madness one Monday evening.--Abrams, Robert. Circles in the sand.--Miller, May. Calvary way.--Heath, Gordon. Two poems.--Cuestas, Katherine. Poem.--Brooks, Gwendolyn. The Chicago Defender sends a man to Little Rock.--Dodson, Owen. The Confession Stone (a song cycle).--[side] 2. Walker, Margaret. October journey.--Hayden, Robert. The Diver.--Brown, Sterling. After Winter.--Cullen, Countee. Incident.--Evans, Mari. When in Rome.--Collins, Leslie. Stevedore,--Dodson, Owen. Tell Rachel.--Cuney, aringW. My Lord what a morning.--Vesey, Paul. American gothic.--Brown, William. Saturday night in Harlem.--Brown, William. Hallelujah Corner.--Durem, Ray. Now all you children.--Jones, Ted. Why try?--Hughes, Langston. When Sue wears red.--Bond, Julian. I too hear America.--Anderson, Charles. Blow man blow.--Morris, James. The Blues.--Cuney, Waring. Charles Parker.--Delegall, Walter. Elegy to a lady.--Brown, Sterling. Ma Rainey.--Highes, Langston. Trumpet player.

About the anthology

• "Presents works of Afro-American poets including Leslie M. Collins, Paul Veasey, Gwendolyn Brooks, Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, and Sterling Brown" (WorldCat, re 1963 sound recording)

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Commentary on anthology

• Dudley Randall, intro. to "The Black Poets" (1971): "In 1962 Rosey E. Pool published "Beyond the Blues" in England, a book which was the first comprehensive anthology of black poetry since Langston Hughes's and Arna Bontemps's "The Poetry of the Negro 1746-1949" [1949]. Because the United States would have been its greatest market, she tried to find a publisher or a jobber to distribute the book here. Everyone she queried said the book was two specialized and declined to handle it. Now, in 1970, after Watts and Detroit, and the Black Arts Movement, there are so many anthologies of black poetry that each editor must justify the publication of a new one . . ." (quoted in Melba Joyce Boyd. "Wrestling with the Muse: Dudley Randall and the Broadside Press". New York: Columbia UP, 2003. 189-90).

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• "Ik ben de Nieuwe Neger: gedichten, rijmen, liedjes en dokumenten uit 300 jaar verzet van de Amerikaanse Neger". Ed. Rosey E. Pool. Foreword J. W. Schulte-Nordholt. Den Haag (The Hague): Bakker, 1965. 264 pp. (Texts in English, with Dutch translations.] [Available at: Library of Congress

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• Kinnamon 1997: 471. (mentions print edition only)

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