Angry Black



Angry Black

This edition

"The Angry Black" . Ed. John A. Williams. New York: Lancer Books, 1962. 160 pp.

Other editions, reprints, and translations

• Dutch: "De Zwarte Woede". Amsterdam: ABC-Boeken, 1967.

Table of contents

Introduction / [by John A. Williams] -- Theatre : the Negro in and out / by James Baldwin -- Mother dear and daddy / by Junius Edwards -- The death of Clifton / by Ralph Ellison -- Dark journey / by John Howard Griffith -- Name in print / by Langston Hughes -- Flower garden / by Shirley Jackson -- Psychodynamic inventory of the Negro personality / by Abram Kardiner and Lionel Ovesey -- Ask for a white cadillac / by Seymour Krim -- Pollution / by S.P. Lomax -- The line of duty / by Paul Olsen -- Son in the afternoon / by John A. Williams -- The plea / by Richard Wright.

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See also

• "What the Negro Wants" (1944): see above.
• "Soon, One Morning" (1963) and "Anger, and Beyond" (1966), both ed. Herbert Hill: see below.
• "Beyond the Angry Black", ed. John A. Williams (1966): see below.

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• Kinnamon 1997: 478.

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