Black and Unknown Bards: A Collection of Negro Poetry



Black and Unknown Bards: A Collection of Negro Poetry

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"Black and Unknown Bards: A Collection of Negro Poetry" . Comp. Eric Walrond and Rosey E. Pool. Aldington, Kent (UK): Hand & Flower Press, 1958. 43 pp.

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[includes Margaret Walker / Childhood; Dark Blood; For My People]

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• "Selection originally made by Eric Walrond and Dr. Rosey Pool for a poetry recital, similarly entitled and presented by the Company of Nine in association with the English Stage Society at the Royal Court Theatre, London, September 1958" (WorldCat).
• W. E. B. Du Bois wrote to Paul Breman on 30 June 1958:
"Dear Mr. Breman,
"In December, 1957, you wrote me about an anthology which you and Miss Rosey E. Pool were compiling. The letter was lost in my unfiled papers, but I think that my wife, Shirley Graham, wrote an answer gladly giving you permission to include anything you wished, of mine.
"Recently, in a determined effort to bring order among my unfiled papers, your letter has come to hand, and I am answering it in case you have not heard from me.
"I hope the anthology is already in existence.
"Shirley and I join in best regards,
"Very sincerely yours,"
(W. E. B. Du Bois Papers [MS 312] , Special Collections and University Archives, U of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries)
So far as I am aware, no anthology edited by Breman and Pool was published. This is the anthology, involving either Pool or Breman, most proximate to the date of Du Bois's letter. Pool also published a more comprehensive anthology of African American poetry in 1962: "Beyond the Blues: New Poetry by American Negroes" [see below]. (I have not yet established whether any work by Du Bois appears in either of Pool's anthologies. He does not feature in Breman's "Sixes and Sevens: An Anthology of New Poetry" [1962].)

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