Sing, Laugh, Weep: A Book of Poems



Sing, Laugh, Weep: A Book of Poems

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"Sing, Laugh, Weep: A Book of Poems" . By St. Louis Scribes. Illus. Theopulus Williams. St Louis: Press Pub. Co., 1944. 126 pp.

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• "The poets include Lorenzo D. Blanton, Frederick W. Bond, Laura Howard, Alice E. McGee, Arthur W. Reason, and Ezra W. Turner" (from )

About the anthology

• Described as an "Anthology of poems by Negroes" in annual bibliography of publications in "Journal of Negro Education" 14.1 (1945): 85. "JSTOR".
• "An uncommon collection of poems by a variety of African American St. Louis residents. Each poet's selection is preceded by a short biographical sketch. The illustrations by Theophilus Williams are worth noting and fit the era in which this book appeared; see 'Mr. Charlie and Sam,' or 'Nazism'" (from,-alta,-editor.-s-369-c-c554e749a4 auction website).
• The copy sold in this auction was inscribed by one of the poets "To my soror Henrietta Pelray from Alice E. McGee" (from,-alta,-editor.-s-369-c-c554e749a4 auction website).

Reviews and notices of anthology

• "The Crisis" (Jan. 1945): 26-27 [Google Books ]: In the "Brief Mention" section, the reviewer dismisses the volume with the comment, "What the Scribes have produced in "Sing, Laugh, Weep" is neither poetry nor humor. It is mere twaddle" (27).

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