American Negro Songs and Spirituals: A Comprehensive Collection of 230 Folk Songs, Religious and Secular



American Negro Songs and Spirituals: A Comprehensive Collection of 230 Folk Songs, Religious and Secular

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"American Negro Songs and Spirituals: A Comprehensive Collection of 230 Folk Songs, Religious and Secular" . Foreword John W. Work. New York: Crown, 1940. vii+259 pp.

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• Repr. New York: Bonanza Books, 1976. vii+259 pp.

• Repr. as "American Negro Songs: 230 Folk Songs and Spirituals, Religious and Secular." Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 1998. vii+259 pp.

Table of contents

Contents (songs in alphabetical order): Origins -- The spiritual -- The blues -- Work songs -- Social and miscellaneous -- The songs.; The songs.; Ain't I glad I've got out of the wilderness --; Ain't that good news? --; Ain't you glad you got good religion? --; All over this world --; Angels done bowed down --; At the bar of God --; Balm in Gilead --; Before this time another year --; Bet on Stuball --; Be with me --; Bye and bye (2 versions) --; Calvary --; Can't you live humble --; Captain, O Captain --; Captain says hurry --; Come down --; Come here Lord --; Convict song --; Daniel saw the stone --; Death ain't nothin' but a robber --; Death's goin' to lay his hand on me --; Do Lord remember me --; Done made my vow to the Lord --; Don't you let nobody turn you roun' --; Down on me --; Downward road is crowded --; Ev'ry day'll be Sunday --; Ezek'el saw the wheel --; Free at last --; Gift of God --; Give me Jesus --; Give me your hand --; Glory to that newborn King --; God is a God --; Go down 'n the valley and pray --; Go down Moses --; God's goin' to straighten them --; Going home in the chariot --; Going to shout all over God's heav'n --; Goin' keep my skillet greasy --; Gonna leave big rock behind --; Good Lord I done done --; Good morning everybody --; Got a home in that rock --; Go tell it on the mountain --; Got my letter --; Got no money --; Got religion all around the world --; Got to go to judgment --; Great day --; Had to get up this mornin' --; Hallelu --; Hallelujah --; Hammering --; Hammers keep ringing --; Hear me praying --; He is King of Kings --; He never said a mumblin' word --; He's a mighty good leader --; He's got his eyes on you --; Hold the wind --; Holy Bible --; Hot boilin' sun comin' over --; I am the true vine --; I believe this is Jesus --; I couldn't hear nobody pray --; I feel like my time ain't long --; I got a house in Baltimo' --; I have another building --; I heard the preacher of the elder --; I know the Lord's laid his hand on me --; I'll be there --; I'm a-going to do all I can --; I'm agoing to join the band --; I'm going back with Jesus --; I'm goin' to sing --; I'm just a-goin' over there --; I'm so glad --; I'm working on the buildin' --; I must walk my lonesome valley --; Inching along --; I never felt such love in my soul befo' --; In this lan' --; Is there anybody here? --; It's me --; I've done what you told me to do --; I've just come from the fountain --; I want to be ready --; I went down in the valley --; I will pray --; I wish I had died in Egypt land --; I won't stop praying --; Jesus is risen from the dead --; Jesus goin' to make up my dying bed --; Jim Strange killed Lula --; John Henry (2 versions) --; Jubilee --; King Jesus built me a house above --; Lay ten dollars down --; Lead me to the rock --; Let the church roll on --; Let us cheer the weary traveller --; Listen to the angel's shoutin' --; Listen to the lambs --; Little David --; Little talk with Jesus --; Live a humble --; Lord is my shepherd --; Lord I want to be a Christian --; Lord make me more holy --; Lord's been here --; Lullaby --; Mamma Dinah --; Marching up the heavenly road --; March on --; My good Lord's done been here --; My Lord's goin' move this wicked race --; My Lord what a mourning --; My name's written on high --; My sin's been taken away --; My soul's been anchored in the Lord --; Naw I don't --; New born again --; Nobody knows who I am --; No hiding place --; O it's goin' to be a mighty day --; O lamb, beautiful lamb --; Old ark's a movering --; Old Zion's children marchin' along --; Ol' Elder Brown's --; O Lord I'm hungry --; O make me holy --; O Mary don't you weep don't you mourn --; O mother don't you weep --; O my little soul --; Open the window Noah --; O rocks don't fall on me --; O wretched man --; Plenty good room --; Po' Ol' Laz'rus --; Poor me --; Poor mourner's got a home --; Poor sinner --; Pray on --; Railroad Bill --; Religion is a fortune --; Religion that my lord gave me --; Ride on King Jesus --; Rise, shine, for thy light is a-comin' --; Road gang song --; Rockin' Jerusalem --; Rock of ages --; Rocks and the mountains --; Roll, Jordan, roll --; Roll on --; Run, mourner, run --; Screw this cotton --; Seben times --; See the signs of judgment --; Shepherd, shepherd --; Shout for joy --; Show me the way --; Sing a ho that I had the wings of a dove --; Sinner please don't let this harvest pass --; Sit down servant, sit down --; Sittin' down beside o' the lamb --; Somebody's buried in the graveyard --; Somebody's knocking at your door --; Some of these days --; Sometimes I feel like a motherless chile --; Soon a will be done --; Stand the storm --; Steady, Jesus listenin' --; Steal away and pray --; Steal away to Jesus --; Street song --; Study war no more --; Sunday mornin' ban --; Sun mows down --; Swing low --; Tell all the world, John --; Thank God I'm on my way to heaven --; There's a great camp meeting --; There's a meeting here tonight --; There's room enough --; There's something on my mind --; They led my Lord away --; This is a sin-trying world --; This ol' time religion --; Tryin' to cross the Red Sea --; 'Twas on one Sunday morning --; Vendor's call --; Wake me --; Want to go to heaven when I die --; Wasn't that a mighty day --; We are climbing Jacob's ladder --; Were you there? --; We shall walk through the valley --; What shall I do? --; When I'm dead --; When the train comes along --; Where shall I go? --; Wish I's in heaven settin' down --; Witness --; Workin' on the railroad line --; Yo' low down ways --; You'd better min' --; You'd better run --; You hear the lambs a-crying --; You may bury me in the east --; You're my brother, so give me your han'. – BIbliography (pp. 252-56).

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