Black Man and the Promise of America



Black Man and the Promise of America

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"The Black Man and the Promise of America". Ed. Lettie J. Austin, Lewis H. Fenderson, and Sophia P. Nelson. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman, 1970. 523 pp.

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Table of contents

[Authors who are not African American are marked with an asterisk (*)]

• [Preface]
• Prologue--The Promise of America

1. Indenture and Slavery
• Introduction
Chapter One: The Slave Trade
• John Barbot* / Of the Slave Coast
• John Spears* / The Middle Passage
• John Spears* / The Story of the Amistad
• Robert E. Hayden / Middle Passage
• Frederick Bancroft* / New Orleans, the Mistress of the Trade
Chapter Two: Life on the Plantation
• Solomon Northup / Slave Life during the Harvest Months
• S. C. Barker* / A Sermon to Servants
• Solomon Northup / Drivers and Overseers
• Harriet Beecher Stowe* / The Quadroon's Story
• Frances M. Trollope* / Domestic Manners of the Americans
• Richard Mercer Dorson* / The Yearling
• Richard Mercer Dorson* / A Dime for the Sack
Chapter Three: Slave Revolts
• Thomas Wentworth Higginson* / Gabriel's Defeat
• John Lofton* / Denmark Vesey
• Nathaniel Turner / The Confessions of Nat Turner
• Levi Coffin* / A Struggle for Liberty
• Sarah Logue* / Letter to Rev. J. W. Loguen from His Old Mistress
• Jermain Wesley Loguen / Mr. Loguen's Reply
• John P. Waring* / Notice of a Runaway Slave in Washington, D.C.
• William Still / William and Ellen Craft
• Ann Petry / The Railroad Runs to Canada

2: Three-and-a-half Centuries of Discrimination against the Free Negro
• Introduction
Chapter One: Denial of Rights before the Civil War
• Solomon Northup / Kidnaping in the Nation's Capitol
• James Forten / A Late Bill before the Senate of Pennsylvania
• Andrew Jackson* / General Jackson's Proclamation to the the Negroes [21 Sept. 1814]
• Joel Chandler Harris* / Free Joe and the Rest of the World
• David Walker / David Walkers Appeal
Chapter Two: Fifty Years of Shattered Hopes
A. Military Service
• Frederick Douglass / Why Should a Colored Man Enlist?
B. Reconstruction
• W. E. B. DuBois / The Freedmen's Bureau
• Frederick Douglass / An Appeal to Congress for Impartial Suffrage
• John R. Lynch / Civil Rights and Social Equality
• Margaret Walker / Ku Klux Klan Don't Like No Koons
• Margaret Walker / Keep the Niggers from the Polls and We'll Return to White Home Rule!
C. Discrimination Intensified
• Comer Vann Woodward* / Capitulation to Racism
• B. A. Botkin* [ed.] / They Kept the Negroes from Voting
• B. A. Botkin* [ed.] / Vote As I Damn Please
• W. E. B. DuBois / The Lynching Industry
• W. E. B. DuBois / The Philosophy of Mr. Dole
D. The Hegira Northward and the Aftermath
• Langston Hughes / Bound No'th Blues
• Waters E. Turpin / O Canaan! [excerpt]
• W. E. B. DuBois / "Today We Return!"
Chapter Three: Further Postponement of the Promise
A. Terror and "Variable Justice"
• John Hope Franklin / The Red Summer
• Claude McKay / If We Must Die
• Gunnar Myrdal* / The Policeman in the Negro Neighborhood
• Protest Song* / Standin' on de Corner
• Angelo Herndon / Let Me Live [excerpt]
• Warren Miller / The Cool World [excerpt]
• Langston Hughes / The Law
B. Separate-but-Equal Provisions in Education
• Pauli Murray / Proud Shoes [excerpt]
• Walter Francis White / Decision Monday
C. Housing
• Lorraine Hansberry / A Raisin in the Sun [excerpt]
• Claude McKay / White Houses
• Langston Hughes / Madam and the Rent Man
D. Voting
• Carl T. Rowan / A Cry in the Wilderness
• Art Buchwald* / Easy Plan to the Polls in Bull Whip
E. Military Service
• John Oliver Killens / And Then We Heard the Thunder [excerpt]
F. Employment
• Langston Hughes / Madam and Her Madam
• Alice Childress / The Pocketbok Game
• Herbert Hill / The Racial Practices of Organized Labor: The Contemporary Record
• Mari Evans / Status Symbol
G. Public Facilities
• Marian Anderson / Easter Sunday
• St. Clair Drake / "In Sickness and in Death"
• Lerone Bennett, Jr. / The Convert

3. The Psychological Effects in a Racist Society
• Introduction
Chapter One: The White Personality Molded by Hate, Fear, and Guilt
• Lillian Smith* / Two Men and a Bargain
• Witter Bynner* / Defeat
• Erskine Caldwell* / Kneel to the Rising Sun
• Gwendolyn Brooks / A Bronzeville Mother Loiters in Mississipi. Meanwhile, a Mississippi Mother Burns Bacon
• P. D. East* / The Petal Paper
• James W. Silver* / "Mississippi is Going Down the Road to Thought Control"
• Lenny Bruce* / Just How Do You Relax Colored People at Parties
• Relman Morin* / Events at Central High School, September 23, 1957 ("Black Monday")
• Shirley Jackson* / After You, My Dear Alphonse
• Robert Penn Warren* / How Awful It Is for a Man to be Split Up
Chapter Two: The Negro Personality Imprisoned by Self-Hatred, Hopelessness, and Frustration
• J. Saunders Redding / On Being Negro in America [excerpt]
• James Arthur Baldwin / My Dungeon Shook
• Kenneth B. Clark / The Negro Child and Race Prejudice
• Gwendolyn Brooks / We Real Cool
• Gordon Parks / The Learning Tree [excerpt]
• Paul Laurence Dunbar / We Wear the Mask
• Ralph Ellison / Prologue from "Invisible Man"
• Claude Brown / Manchild in the Promised Land [excerpt]
• Richard Wright / The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch
• LeRoi Jones / Black Bourgeoisie
• George S. Schuyler / Black No More [excerpt]
• Carl Holman / Song [Dressed up in my melancholy]

4. Achievement against Odds
• Introduction
Chapter One: Contributions Woven into American Culture
A. Loyalty, Heroism and Courage
• Allan Pinkerton* / John Scobell and the Loyal League
• William Wells Brown / Heroism of Negroes on the High Seas
• Patricia Stephens Due / Tallahassee: Through Jail to Freedom
B. Folk Art
• Alain Leroy Locke / The Negro Spirituals
• Negro Spiritual / Deep River
• Negro Spiritual / Go Down, Moses
• Negro Spiritual / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
• Negro Spiritual / Steal Away
• Negro Work Song / John Henry
• William C. Handy / How "St. Louis Blues" Was Born
• William C. Handy / St. Louis Blues
• Gilbert Chase / Jazz
• Negro Folktale / B'rer Rabbit Fools Buzzard
• James Weldon Johnson / Along This Way [excerpt]
• James Weldon Johnson / The Creation
C. Conquest of the Frontier
• Philip Durham* and Everett L. Jones* / Cowboys and Indian Fighters
• Nat Love / On the Trail with Three Thousand Head of Texas Steers . . . I Win the Name of Deadwood Dick
• Sterling Allan Brown / Strong Men
Chapter Two: "The Past Is Prologue"
A. Education
• Booker T. Washington / A Classroom Comes to Life
• Carter G. Woodson / History Made to Order
B. Science
• Helen Buckler / "Sewed Up His Heart!"
• Rackham Holt* / "Go tell Doubting Thomas"
• Emma Gelders Sterne* / "The Job is Done"
C. Sports
• Andrew Sturgeon Nash Young / Jackie Robinson
• Leonard Shecter* / The Passion of Muhammed Ali
D. Literature
• Paul Laurence Dunbar / Little Brown Baby
• Countee Cullen / Yet Do I Marvel
• Langston Hughes / Epilogue [I, too, sing America]
• Langston Hughes / Mother to Son
• Owen Dodson / Yardbird's Skull (for Charlie Parker)
• Richard Wright / Native Son [excerpt]
• Melvin B. Tolson / Harlem Gallery [excerpt]
• Ralph Ellison / Invisible Man [excerpt]
• Eldridge Cleaver / A Religious Conversion, More or Less
• William Melvin Kelley / The Only Man on Liberty Street
• Ernest Gaines / The Sky is Gray [excerpt]
E. Art
• James A. Porter / Henry O. Tanner
F. Music
• LeRoi Jones / The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
• Ted Joans / Lester Young
G. Leadership
• Frederick Douglass / What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?
• Arthur Huff Fauset / Sojourner Truth
• Marcus Garvey / An Eye for an Eye
• Asa Philip Randolph / Why Should We March?
• Martin Luther King, Jr. / Letter from Birmingham Jail
• Malcolm X / The Black Revolution
• Stokeley Carmichael / Toward Black Liberation
• Horace Julian Bond / A New Vision, A Better Tomorrow

• Epilogue--The Dawn of a New Day
• Index

About the anthology

• A sourcebook of historical documents and texts, some by white authors but the majority by black authors.

See also

• Fenderson, Lewis H., and Stanton L. Wormley, ed. "Many Shades of Black". New York: Morrow, 1969. xii+388 pp. [Internet Archive]
("A collection of personal narratives and commentary from forty-two prominent African Americans. Essays cover civil rights and social action, the arts, science, business, sports and other professions, foreign affairs, the ministry, and the thrust for identity.")
• Henry, Lorraine M. "In Memoriam: Lettie Jane Austin (March 21, 1925-April 4, 2008)." "CLA Journal" 52.2 (2008): 209-13.
Henry notes that Lettie Austin and Lewis Fenderson, both of them professors at Howard University, were married. The obituary also mentions Austin's work on a textbook on "College Reading Skills" (1966) and erroneously names "Toni Morrison" as one of the co-authors (210). (One of the five co-authors was Chloe A. Morrison.)

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