On Our Way: Poems of Pride and Love



On Our Way: Poems of Pride and Love

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"On Our Way: Poems of Pride and Love". Ed. Lee Bennett Hopkins. With photographs by David Parks. New York: Knopf, 1974. xiv+63 pp.

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Table of contents

• Lee Bennett Hopkins / Introduction

• Zealy, Yolande / A Prayer
• Evans, Mari / Who Can Be Born Black
• Porter, Linda / As a Basic
• Rice, Jo Nell / You and Me

Soul love:
• Randall, Dudley / Love Poem
• Evans, Mari / If There Be Sorrow
• Patterson, Raymond Richard / A Love Song
• Prettyman, Quandra / Lullaby

• Brooks, Gwendolyn / Gertrude
• Curry, Linda / For Nina Simone Wherever You Are
• Jackson, Maurice Shelley / Old Lang Hughes
• Harper, Michael S. / Martin's Blues

• Kyei, Kojo Gyinaye / African in Louisiana
• Abrahams, Peter / Me, Colored
• Lee, Don L. / The Cure All
• Madgett, Naomi Long / Midway

• Giovanni, Nikki / Knoxville, Tennessee
• Henderson David / Sketches of Harlem
• Giovanni, Nikki / Nikki-Rosa
• Hughes Langston / Daybreak in Alabama
• Clifton, Lucille / Good Times
• Rive, Richard / Where the Rainbow Ends

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About the Poets

Publisher's description

"In these twenty-two poems, black people speak out on pride and love--feelings about life and the futures. The talents of new young poets are combined with masterworks by Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, and others, resulting in a medley that carries the reader beyond the protest and anger of the 1960's into the 1970's--a time when all Americans are rethinking the country's future. Lee Bennett Hopkins has used poetry with people of many backgrounds and ages from pre-school children to adults. The poems selected for this volume are those that have evoked special feelings from a vast number of audiences throughout America. As Augusta Baker states in her Introduction: 'We are black, we are proud, and we are on our way'" (front flyleaf).

Commentary on anthology

Johnson, Lory. "Annotated Bibliography for Upper Elementary Readings: A Suggested Bibliography for Students Grades 3-6." Des Moines: Iowa State Dept. of Education, 1993.
"This anthology of poetry speaks precisely
about the joy and challenge of being young and Black in America" (12).

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Biography of Lee Bennett Hopkins (1938- ).

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