Forgotten Pages of American Literature



Forgotten Pages of American Literature

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"Forgotten Pages of American Literature". Ed. Gerald W. Haslam. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1970. xiii+398 pp.

Table of contents

American Literature / The Forgotten Pages -- Poets of the Cosmos/American Indian Literature -- Traditional -- The Wonderful Bird -- A Cheyenne Blanket -- Legend of the Sky-Woman: A Creation Myth / Jesse Cornplanter -- Sonnet XXIII / Ted Berrigan -- We Are Fed Like Dogs from Wah'Kon-Tah / John Joseph Matthews -- Snow Country Weavers / James Welch -- Surviving / James Welch -- Grandma's Man / James Welch -- The Werewolf from Kaibah / Kay Bennett -- The Death of the Sun from Kaibah / Kay Bennett -- Before an Old Painting of the Crucifixion / N. Scott Momaday -- Angle of Geese / N. Scott Momaday -- Prologue from House Made of Dawn / N. Scott Momaday -- July 20 from House Made of Dawn / N. Scott Momaday -- Custer Died for Your Sins / Vine Deloria, Jr.
The Subtle Thread/Asian-American Literature -- Triolet / S.I. Hayakawa -- A Matter of Linguistics / S.I. Hayakawa -- Communication: Interracial and International / S.I. Hayakawa -- Stoned Stanzas / Amy Lee -- The Gentle Interrogation from The Martyred / Richard Kim -- America is in the Heart / Carlos Bulosan -- Tanforan from Citizen 13660 / Mine Okubo -- Epilogue from Issei and Nisei / Daisuke Kitagawa -- Uncle Kwok from Fifth Chinese Daughter / Jade Snow Wong -- Kapalaoa / Larry Kimura -- Be Beautiful, Noble, Like the Antique Ant / Jose Garcia Villa -- Imagine God a Peacock / Jose Garcia Villa -- Dame Edith Sitwell Reading / Jose Garcia Villa -- The Momument / Lee Yu-Hwa -- To Every Man His Own Philosophy / Lin Yutang.
Viva la Raza!/Latino-American Literature -- Very Short on Lawn and Order from Tough Trip through Paradise / Andrew Garcia -- Turn of a Cycle, off Miami / David Hernandez -- Moon Shot / David Hernandez -- Middletown Panorama / David Hernandez -- I Swears to God and the Virgin / Piri Thomas -- Buddies and Bad Actors from Tattoo the Wicked Cross / Floyd Salas -- Snaps / Victor Hernandez Cruz -- First Claims Poem / Victor Hernandez Cruz -- The Group / Victor Hernandez Cruz -- Malda Torres / Amado Jesus Muro -- Man's Pride / F. Ricardo Gomez -- Symbol and Metaphor in Nahuatl Poetry / Rafael Jesus Gonzalez.
Two Traditions/ Afro-American Literature -- An Hymn to the Morning / Phillis Wheatley -- The Sheriff's Children / Charles W. Chesnutt -- Little Brown Baby / Paul Laurence Dunbap -- We Wear the Mask / Paul Laurene Dunbap -- Karintha from Cane/ Jean Toomer -- The Creation / James Weldon Johnson -- Me and the Mule / Langston Hughes -- Jazz, Jive and Jam / Langston Hughes -- Long Black Song from Uncle Tom's Children / Richard Wright -- Richard Wright's Blues / Ralph Ellison -- The Empty Woman / Gwendolyn Brooks -- Medgar Evers / Gwendolyn Brooks -- Malcolm X / Gwendolyn Brooks -- The Rockpile from Going to Meet the Man / James Baldwin -- To Mississippi Youth / Malcolm X -- Each Morning / Leroi Jones -- Clara's Ole Man / Ed Bullins -- On Becoming from Soul On Ice / Eldridge Cleaver -- Come Soft in the Waking Hours of Morning / Calvin Scott -- Black Am I Like the Night / Calvin Scott.

About the anthology

This is an anthology of multiethnic American literature, rather than one one focused on African American literature. It presents African American alongside "American Indian Literature," "Asian American Literature," and "Latino-American Literature."

Publisher's description

• "A representative sampling of the literature of four ethnic groups neglected in the past: American Indians, Latino-Americans, Asian Americans, and Afro-Americans" (ad copy in "American Quarterly" 25.1 [1973]: 120).

Anthology editor(s)' discourse

• "It is not the purpose of this book to attack the so-called mainstream of American literature; quite the contrary. The material anthologized in this volume is intended to supplement and enrich the conventional study of our national literature. In reading these pages, one may at least be able to see another aspect of the American experience, and see it from within as only literature can allow one to glimpse within another person's or culture's soul. Beyond this, new literary forms, subjects, and insights are here for the sharing. It is always amazing to realize how diverse and eclectic a nation the United States is." (from Preface)

Reviews and notices of anthology

• Eastman, Arthur M. "Literature of the Melting Pot." "CEA Critic" 35.1 (1972): 30-32. JSTOR.
• Etulain, Richard W. Review of "Forgotten Pages of American Literature." "CLA Journal" 15.3 (March 1972): 380.

See also

• Haslam, Gerry. "American Literature: Some Forgotten Pages." "ETC: A Review of General Semantics" 27.2 (1970): 221-38.
"Discusses problems found in the study of American literature, including (1) oral literature is rarely considered, and (2) literature written by Americans in languages other than English is often ignored."
• Haslam, Gerald W. "Instructor's Guide for Forgotten Pages of American Literature." Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1970. 77 pp.

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